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This is a collection of emails between Nutty Roux and myself, posted here for transparency in Wiki dealings. Enjoy. This whole little episode started with this edit to TWIGO:CP

From Nutty Roux to SirChuckB

Eeek, take it easy on the defamatory statements - the "beating his wife" comment is a no no. I'm only offering this as (a) a lawyer who (b) knows TK is egging Andy on to find a reason to sue Trent. I'm going to hide the revision.

Reply from SirChuckB

I think you're getting a little paranoid... First off, my comment was no worse than people calling Ed a pedo and the numerous gay references to Andy and some other Sysops. Second, he has no standing to sue on any grounds, and if he did launch a suit, he would open himself up to numerous defamation suits from the entire world.

Either way, it's just a joke and I'm not gonna fight over it.... But you just gotta relax a bit.

Further Email from Nutty Roux

You’re wrong. You cannot make statements on RW that are defamatory per se, including calling Ed Poor a pedophile. I’m not over reacting. I won’t relax.

Second Reply from SirChuckB

Then you know what? Let them sue. I don't know why you've taken it upon yourself to go after me and my comment, when there are dozens of defamatory statement and innuendos plastered all over the Wiki, but I have bigger things to worry about than Andy taking offense to my jokes. I will repeat that you should relax and learn to take a joke, but it's your business if you don't want to and I can't change that.

Final Email from Nutty Roux

Exactly the problem, Charles. There are too many actionably defamatory statements all over the wiki.

After this email correspondence, shit blew up here