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Steps to do to fix up the IP lookup loophole in AbuseFilter.

Step 1: Be root user[edit]

Straightforward. You need to be able to log in to RWs server. Most of us can't. Hence, the issue at play here.

Step 2: Go to LocalSettings.php[edit]

LocalSettings.php is the config file for MediaWiki and any extensions that are installed on any installation. It also controls permissions granted to users, which is what we are concerned about.

Open it in a relevant text editor.

Step 3: Look for the following line[edit]

$wgGroupPermissions['Tech']['abusefilter-privatedetails'] = true;

If it doesn't exist, you can safely skip this step (could be an implied right, but I think it isn't).

Step 4: Change the previous line[edit]

To this:

$wgGroupPermissions['Tech']['abusefilter-privatedetails'] = false;

(So swap true to false)

If step 3 netted no results, then just add this line to the file.

Step 5: Profit[edit]

Kick back and get something to drink. The loophole is now closed.