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Prominent Australian anti-vaxers and Aussie anti-vax organisations[edit]


  • Meryl Dorey formed the Vaccination Awareness Network in 1994, an anti-vax propaganda outfit.
  • Greg Beattie took over VAN January 1 when Meryl stood down, tried to take the Maroochy Shire Council to court for not allowing his "unvaccinated children access to Council-run childcare centres. Viera Scheibner was his expert witness, bad idea. Beattie lost the case." He has written two books: Vaccination: A Parent’s Dilemma, and Fooling Ourselves on the Fundamental Value of Vaccines. AVN — new name, new president
  • Tasha David New president of VAN?
  • Wendy Lydall Victorian AVN went on channel 7
  • Judy Wilyman did her PhD under Dr Peter Dingle whose wife died from cancer because he advised her to use homeopathy instead of chemo. bad idea: "Mrs Dingle's husband Peter, a prominent toxicologist, was ``a victim of his own misinformation and had ``no qualifications in health and wellness.

Dr Dingle, who was a guest presenter on the ABC's Can We Help? program, had written papers arguing that chemotherapy was ineffective in treating cancer."

Meryl "There's a book written by an Australian PhD scientist, Dr Viera Scheibner, called "Vaccination", I think it’s out of print but she had another theory about how vaccinations cause SIDS through stress on a child."

Prominent Australian Anti-vax Organisations[edit]

Anti-anti-vax in Aus[edit]

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry on Misleading Health Advice, Asst Prof Bruce Arnold of the University of Canberra

I have specifically referred to ideology because some of the people who have embraced
false or misleading information and practices have a deep personal (and on occasion
financial) investment in the promotion of that information and practice. They are
unlikely to be persuaded through education campaigns and along with many ‘true
believers’ will ignore or accommodate facts that are contrary to their world view.
Regulatory regimes in Australia are typically predicated on an assumption that people
are rational and instrumental, ie people will not act to their own disadvantage. Sadly
some anti-vaccinationists and others will construe regulation as validating their world
view. Some construe criticism as confirmation that they uniquely possess a truth that is
not available to their disbelieving peers. Some will be tireless in a cause and may even
seek ‘martyrdom’ that validates a life that they otherwise consider unsatisfactory.