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Hello, I read various things around this website and contribute nothing.

I find Mr. Andrew Schlafly to be an inspiration, as he has accomplished so much in spite of his clear mental illness. From his bizarre rants against scientific theories he doesn't understand very well to his absurd willingness to write letters to prominent academics with the intention of starting a fight he won't win, I'm always amazed that Andy hasn't gotten himself institutionalized by delivering one of his sermons on a street corner at night or in the middle of a department store. Nay and alas, instead this man is known to share his Bronze Age sensibilities with Supreme Courts and television show hosts. Despite the clear handicap of terminal hubris, he's managed to share his dream of opening people's minds by closing them off to anything he disagrees with, and parents let him near their children. Truly, the man is an inspiration to all other people in the world struggling with an inability to come to terms with reality, like me and any other person suffering from schizophrenia.

This name can be traced back to the identity most of the people I know know me as, and as I desperately need to protect that information to prevent the people I love from coming in harm's way (like Spider-man), I shall now use a sock that cannot (easily) be traced to my true identity. As I will likely never use this pseudonym again, I hope this isn't seen as anymore disingenuous than a person simply trying to protect their precious anonymity.

If it helps anyone feel better about this horrible example of LIBERAL DECEIT, I will now become a Republican. I'll change my party tomorrow over from Green when I feel like getting the paperwork.