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Hello there!
On this page I reveal misc. stuff about myself, probably with all the sentences starting with "I" like a 10-year-old might do. But don't let that fool you, I'm waaay older than 10. For real. Oh, well let's see now.

I'm a man born/raised/currently living in Finland.

I really enjoy drinking cold beer in warm sauna (lucky me I have a sauna in my apartment).

I hold a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering.

I identify myself with: Methodological naturalism, Rationalism, Skepticism, Secularism, Humanism.

I like motorcycling, electronic music, salmiak, cranberry juice and computing.

I don't like violence, pseudoscience, bullshitting and the blasphemy law in the Criminal Code of Finland (seriously, it's still there!).

I also like to blaspheme: "All the gods are vicious cunts!" (yes, Tyrion said something like that).

I drink therefore I am. I told about the drinking already, didn't I, but since we drink a lot here in Finland, I'm telling it again.