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As you can see from my user name, you can already tell that I am an "evil" Socialist. All just because I want the proletariat to own the means of production because those who work in the factories are the ones who really create the wealth and their exploiters are just living off of them .My stances on North Korea and the Soviet Union are as follows: First up, North Korea,to me North Korea is not even an economic democracy or a political democracy even though they say so and it's even in the official name of North Korea which is the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", just how can North Korea be democratic if they have an absolute monarchy on their hands and it's also not an economic democracy since it has a command economy, and there's a great deal of exploitation and alienation of factory workers and the other members of proletariat who do not have a say in the economy since they can't make the decisions. The exploitation and the absolute monarchy in North Korea is what has lead me to belive that they are not Communists, in fact we may as well call them state capitalists. You can guess by now, that I really hate North Korea and their phony elections. SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! I also hate the Soviet Union since they engaged in imperialism in Eastern Europe ( the Warsaw Pact was just a way for the Soviets to extend their influence and intervene in the region), like North Korea the Soviet Union had state capitalism going rampant around (yet they still say they are Communists). State capitalism is when the state owns and controls the means of production instead of the workers and sets production quotas . State enterprise is not worker-runner enterprise since in state enterprise it is runned by those who do not work there and they get to decide how much to pay the labourers after they sell the goods and products the workers make. P.S.- I am not a Marxist-Leninist since Marxism is an organized religion and that Leninism leads to a one-party state that has more than a 97% chance of becoming corrupt and totalitarian!