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Conservapedia 'n' - the online playground for those who think real life is too liberal


I used to post here a lot under various IP addresses (dynamic ISP), but got bored of having to verify to post external links and then having my IP banned on CP.

I am a user on CP (albeit not very active recently). Although I'm a pretty keen liberal on most issues I still think the encyclopedia holds potential, however I think that some people need to be more accepting of other's views as it is only through properly exploring both sides of the issue that it will be truly able to achieve its aim (convince people of the validity of conservatism). That said I don't hold very high hopes that this will occur, and stay there only for the lulz and because unlike WP not everything has been written yet and so I can spread my wings a bit (and yes I am also a user on WP).

So that's me.