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Can one care about life? Or is it all based on the dream of a better one?

If you care about shitty questions like that, good news! I like you. I am currently doing my PhD in philosophy and hoping to become a teacher in the near future(if the future is real and not just in my head.)

I don't like many people. In fact, I care little about EVERYONE. You could say that I am probably a psychopath. And you would be right! Kinda. I am a "general psychopath" which for the kids at home, is code for "not mass murder dude" so all is good in the world.

You expecting more?

I am single.


Shocker. P.S- My Iq is 140. Seeing how half of this website is all about intellectual dick measuring fights, I must protect myself from these with my Iq. It might work.(it will not)

"Update" A reptile known as "DiamondDisc1" has already been offended by this comment(shock!) and his used his power on the interwebz to add new information on da rules. Such information will be very useful for me... if one ever reads it. (such salty speech tho) Few things to say. First, why me? I don't do anything else but change stuff on pages about subjects. I really do not care about the community or the non-active Supreme Soviets that paste their mind frames to every article and make everything about them. That being said, how can someone believe that "everyone is equal, regardless of race, religion or gender." and also believe in evolution, which is the idea that some animals are better adapted to their environment and some are not, meaning that the world is NOT equal, seeing as some humans are better than others(a man who can walk is physically more able than one who can not). Also, if you take a white man and a man from the middle east, will they both have the same struggles, seeing as they are equal, and therefore have the same mindset? Anyway, er, have a nice day and struggle on, comrade.

Also, I can type my opinion without showing my identity, thanks. This isn't fucking Nineteen Eighty-Four.