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A two-party system is a very FUCKING system. In South Korea, a third-party left-wing social-democratic/socialist party has gradually collapsed and the two-party system has become stronger like the U.S. The problem is that the DPK is socially conservative beyond comparison with the Democratic Party of the United States, and there are no socialists or social democrats in the DPK. I can't understand how a DPK that is so hostile to LGBT rights and discriminates against the disabled is called "liberal". Even anti-feminists, misogynists, transgender rights opponents, anti-discrimination law opponents, and multiculturalist opponents within the DPK call themselves "liberal." It's completely insane.

The socialist movement in South Korea gained some popularity in the 2000s but has now completely collapsed. Even in the progressive Justice Party, none of the main politicians call themselves "socialists". South Korea and Japan have no significant left-wing forces, and a small number of left-wing activists have been pointed out by many international human rights groups because they are socially exposed to discrimination and abuse. This is the difference from other developed countries such as the United States and Europe. In South Korea, far-left movements like Antifa do not exist, and even social democrats and moderate feminists are being driven to be communists.

I love politics in Northern Europe and Germany. They should be models of world politics.