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Modern pro-Japanese/anti-Korean U.S. imperialists exonerated Japanese imperialists, spread constant malicious propaganda against North Korea, forced South Koreans to reconcile with Japan, and the United States covered up Japanese war crimes during World War II after 1945. The United States was very justified in its actions in Hiroshima, but it was very trashy for the United States to cover up Japanese war crimes such as Unit 731 and Japanese Military Sexual Slavery to make Japan a bastion of anti-communism after the war. Do you know how many North Korean civilians the Americans illegally massacred in the Korean War? It is true racism to blame North Koreans while sympathizing with the Japanese.

The U.S. should not force South Korea to cooperate with Japan. And when South Korea demands compensation from Japan for Japanese war crimes, the U.S. government must absolutely support the South Korean government. Pro-Japanese/anti-Korean U.S. imperialists like Trump and Biden do the opposite. The U.S. should recognize exceptions to sanctions against North Korea when South Korea talks and exchanges with the North Korea. The United States should support the reunification of Korea.

Above all, the U.S. is indirectly responsible for the 1980 massacre of citizens by South Korea's far-right military forces in Gwangju, and should apologize for this.

Over the past 1,000 years, China, Japan, the United States, and the Soviet Union have unilaterally invaded Korea. If the United States and the Soviet Union had not divided Korea into two, there would not have been the Korean War itself. The U.S. and Russia should apologize to Korean People.(However, I do not support the withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea as long as North Korea has nuclear weapons. I am not an anti-American or far-left nationalist.)

"US showed guilt over Hiroshima, this gave space to the Japanese to amplify and solidify revisionist views and hide horrific war crimes under the rug. US wants a stronger Japan in their hegemonic competition against China, Japanese (imbued by decades-long revisionism) will use this as opportunity to "rectify wrongs" and instead of status quo pull some 1930s shenanigans." # - I totally agree with you on this. U.S. leftists should support the position of Korean leftists, not Japanese nationalists. Hiroshima is a legitimate result of Japan's sin.

American imperialism in the 21st century supports Japanese nationalists to antagonize North Korea and China. The historical revisionism of Hiroshima, paradoxically, is the result of the interests of American imperialism and Japanese imperialism. Rather, left-wing nationalists in South Korea have a much more honest view of Hiroshima. I am not a nationalist, but paradoxically, it is Korean nationalists who oppose historical revisionism the most in Hiroshima.

South Korean slavery victim seeks UN justice as time runs out 30 years after going public with her story of abduction, rape and forced prostitution by Japan’s wartime military, Lee Yong-soo, 93, fears she’s running out of time to get closure to her ordeal.

Nanjing Massacre, Unit 731, Manila Massacre, various cannibalistic murders, using living civilians as human shields, suicide coercion including kamikaze, forced labor and comfort woman.

The United States is justified in using nuclear weapons, as the Japanese Empire was tied to the (fascistic) madness of "total resistance of 100 million Japanese" despite numerous (Japanese war crimes in World War II.
- a leading politician of the [liberal] Minjoo Party of Korea

ㄴ Japan wanted to keep Korea colonized even if 'Japan' lost its war with the United States. Without Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Koreans would still be slaves to the Japanese.

The United States and the Soviet Union did not hand over the liberated Korean Peninsula to the Koreans, and divided our homeland into two. This is a felony.