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Uramischbuh is Pennsylvania Dutch for "guy of Amish ancestry," or literally [originator [prefix]+ Amish [noun] + boy [noun]]. I'm the Anabaptist/pacifist version of Schlafly... so u liberal, non-pacifist war-hawks watch out (just kidding!) (and u Liberal "might as well be English" Amish, watch out too, yes that is you Lancaster, Pennsylvania - except for conservative southern Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they're ok)

Definition of a Liberal Amish (as opposed to God-fearing Old School Amish):

Two kerosene lamps instead of one to light buggy (don't even start with Lancaster Amish, they are so liberal as to not hardly be Amish);
hair cut above shoulder length (Liberals love to show their ears);
SMV sign on buggy (trusting in signs above God);
running water;
bonnets (19th century Liberal Amish mode, although even most conservative Amish have adopted it, the only hold-outs are the "White-Top" Amish of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania);
votes Republican (only Liberals vote - and only extreme Liberals would vote for a pro-war candidate)
discourages bundling (in order to promote the homosexual agenda)