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Y'ello. My name is Vaal, a reference to a faux deity seen in season 2, episode 5 of Star Trek: The Original Series; The Apple. I am essentially just your garden-variety tree-hugging, atheistic, communistic pinko scumball that deserves to burn in heyull. My political compass coordinates are -8.75 on x-axis, -8.05 on y-axis. I think that's pretty accurate.

As of typing this, I've been reading this fine wiki for quite some time, tossed in the odd minor edit here and there, and it just now occurred to me to become a full-on member of this thing you people have built up here. It's quite the privilege, to be honest. And that's quite enough sycophancy on my part. I'd just like to do my part and help out your noble cause any way I can.