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I consider myself a center-left social democrat, and am a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders and the Justice Democrats.

In accordance with this stance, in terms of public policy, I support:

Medicare for All.

Tuition free post secondary education.

Paid family and medical leave.

Cutting back the military-industrial complex.

Full legalization of marijuana.

A full employment economy.

Abolition of capital punishment.

A net worth/wealth tax of 2% on all accumulated wealth above the $2 million mark ( a la Elizabeth Warren, though my proposal is actually much more radical than hers).

A value added tax of 10%, because I believe that the people who receive the greatest direct benefit from a more generous welfare state also need to have skin in the game, so to speak.

The Green New Deal, in principle, although I believe the deadline(s) are wildly unrealistic.

In terms of electoral reform, I support:

Full public financing of elections.

Automatic voter registration at the age of 18.

Ranked choice voting.

Abolishing gerrymandering.