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Ask me anything about the following. Hell if you want me to edit/add some pages, here are my interests. 4chan, comics, webcomics, math, books, running, resistance training, video games, hiking, boobs. As my username indicates, my primary interest here is adding stuff about 4chan.

I'm familiar with the following worksafe boards on 4chan, /a/, /g/, /k/, /v/ and related boards, /wg/, /biz/, /ck/, /co/, /fit/, /lit/, /mlp/, /mu/, /out/, /sci/, /soc/, /tg/, /wsg/, /x/.

My home board is /tg/.

/pol/ is probably not safe for anybody.

Woo is bad. YourLocal4chanExpert (talk) 12:06, 19 January 2018 (UTC)

On our page regarding 4chan I wrote the first draft entries for the following boards, /tg/, /k/, /d/,/sp/,/wsg/.