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Admitted high-school drop-out. Some of his arguments are... quite original, and this is the best that could be said about them.

The really sad part is that some of his arguments would make somewhat naive, but good questions about spaceflight if they were not presented as nails in the coffin of the Apollo program.

Oh, and after losing the discussion, the twerp went and manually deleted the text of all of his posts. The OP of each thread was later restored from Google's cache, though.


That man is a national treasure.

  • On privatizing NASA (whole thread, his post is several down)
  • Every conspiracy theorist thinks he's a scientist and every conspiracy theorist tries to beat his critics over the head with "The Scientific Method," which is invariably a hodge-podge of layman's misconceptions aimed at trying to shift the burden of proof and arbitrarily raise the bar for his critics. You have no idea what the scientific method is or how it applies to this question. [1]
  • Kevin Overstreet (The Moon Shots Were Faked) was one of the earliest Apollo landing deniers on the Internet (his page was "last updated" in 1999) and one of the causes why Jay Whindley started debunking their claims. Ironically, he apparently ended up working as a system administrator for the company hosting Whindley's, and later, working for Whindley himself. "I was only 15! Give me a break!"


  • Wowbanger: "I'm fine with how things are." "Yeah, but many aren't." "I SAID I'm fine." "I believe you. But others aren't." "BUT I'M FINE!" ‪#FTBullies


This section will probably grow very, very long. :D

  • As of January 2012, the article of wp:Open notebook science lists Steve McIntyre as a "practitioner of Open Notebook Science" and the Climate Audit blog as his "notebook" (it was added in 2009) The article's state is interesting in itself - the majority of the references are to Jean-Claude Bradley, the founder of the movement, including one reference to a comment he left on a blog...


This would probably need its own sub-page if I remembered to save stuff more often.


Misc idiocy:

Section X[edit]

  • Melody Hensley links on Twitter to an article about "sociopaths" on Sign of the (*cringe*) The usual suspects gleefully tores into her (as usual), in the process linking to RationalWiki. ([3]) Wait, I thought we were "overran by baboons"? And nobody used us/should use us?


I think this is Pastor Singleton’s logic:

Children are property.
Children are either the property of the Church, or of the State.
If children are the property of the Church, 100% of everything in their lives must come from the Church.
If less than 100% of everything in their lives comes from the Church, they are no longer the property of the Church, and are now the property of the State.
There are no neutral ideas — all ideas, facts, and pieces of information must serve one master, either the Church, or the State.
If children are given an idea that is not from the Church, they are being claimed by the State, which is Fascism.