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Pseudonymous public ballot[edit]

The following voting technique would detect computer errors or someone altering the votes: Add a box on the electronic ballot where you write in a pseudonym you make up just for this ballot. The votes and pseudonyms are used to generate a spreadsheet that would show all the votes along with the pseudonyms. (It would also tally the votes for convenience.) After the polls close, this spreadsheet is posted publicly along with a separate list of the usernames of everyone who voted. The list of usernames and ballots would be numbered so we know that if these numbers are the same, there have been no fake ballots added. Everyone can see that their own votes were counted.

Disadvantages or shortcomings[edit]

The only type of "fraud" that would be possible involves sock puppetry (the following contradictory proposal addresses this). Those who have certain server access could know who is voting but that is unavoidable.

I first proposed this here. If there was understanding, there wasn't much interest.

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Votes are weighted by number of edits[edit]

Disadvantages or shortcomings[edit]

Old users have too much of the power[edit]


This may compromise the privacy of a ballot especially if used in conjunction with the pseudonymous public ballot. It may be possible to use mathmaticas to determine how users voted. In this venue I think the advantages of a better measure of the popular will, outweighs the consequences of identification.

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