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R   E   T   I   R   E   D
This user Don't Hang Around Much Any More.
He may respond when prodded, but don't count on it.

Am I seeing a pattern here?

(The following is true, though some of the irrelevant parts are edited out; emphasis mine.)

Why TK should not be allowed to edit Conservapedia (and proof that Andy has a very, very short memory):

From 11/30/2007
(4:00:34 PM) Exculpatory1: You read the sysop board yet?
(4:01:06 PM) jazzman831: where?
(4:04:10 PM) Exculpatory1:
(4:04:42 PM) jazzman831: oh wow
(4:04:45 PM) jazzman831: i wasn't in the know
(4:05:25 PM) Exculpatory1: damn, i opened it the day after he kicked me, lol
(4:05:52 PM) jazzman831: ah ha ha
(4:12:54 PM) jazzman831:
(4:14:53 PM) Exculpatory1: oh my
(4:14:58 PM) Exculpatory1: worse earlier
(4:16:03 PM) Exculpatory1: The only parody I ever posted on CP was when I did my Andy parody: "_______ I invite you to make susbstantial contributions to this project, and not on talk pages, to this, the fastest growing educational site on the internet!"
(4:16:17 PM) jazzman831: eheheheheh
(4:17:07 PM) Exculpatory1: Phelps, well, he was a liberal before he became whatever it is he is. Gore, before he was
against Phelps was for him before he decided not to be ;-)
(4:18:38 PM) Exculpatory1: odd both Dan and Karajou have continued to post to that group, lol
(4:19:18 PM) jazzman831: yeah
(4:22:15 PM) Exculpatory1: Has the pumping stopped or slowed down?
(4:23:08 PM) Exculpatory1: I had a convo with Ghenghas/MadMin/BrianCo the other day about all that, and I deduced he was thinking it was time to stop his little project
(4:23:53 PM) jazzman831: i honestly don't know, i wasn't privy
(4:24:08 PM) jazzman831: but someone said somethinga bout it and the consensus seemed to be "it's boring now, let's stop"
(4:24:34 PM) Exculpatory1: I didnt mean from RW
(4:24:56 PM) Exculpatory1: I meant have you noticed the pages stopping being increased rapidly
(4:25:16 PM) jazzman831: oh I don't know, i don't really pay much attention
(4:25:24 PM) Exculpatory1: ahhhh
(4:25:41 PM) Exculpatory1: well, I told Brian, it really wasnt doing what he thought it would
(4:26:01 PM) Exculpatory1: I mean, it was fun to watch Andy and Conservative crow about it
(4:26:23 PM) Exculpatory1: but in reality, what it did, was cause those links to most popular to be placed on blogs, websites, etc
(4:26:46 PM) Exculpatory1: when people clicked through, it actually did increase CP's search engine ranking!
(4:27:26 PM) jazzman831: ha ha ha
(4:27:48 PM) Exculpatory1: so that wasnt what RW wanted
(4:28:00 PM) Exculpatory1: I tried to edit the sysop list on RW
(4:28:06 PM) Exculpatory1: look what happened
(4:28:08 PM) Exculpatory1: sad
(4:36:58 PM) jazzman831: heh, i searched myself on your google group
(4:37:34 PM) Exculpatory1: lots!
(4:37:52 PM) jazzman831: only 3 things came up in the search, actually
(4:37:56 PM) Exculpatory1: jebus
(4:38:02 PM) Exculpatory1: what did you search under?
(4:38:04 PM) jazzman831: oh
(4:38:07 PM) Exculpatory1: try HelpJazz
(4:38:12 PM) jazzman831: it's a very particular search
(4:38:30 PM) jazzman831: i seached for jazz, thinking it would find "jazzman" and "helpjazz", but it didn't
(4:38:49 PM) Exculpatory1: no i used helpjazz
(4:39:18 PM) jazzman831: nice i have some easy reading for the night
(4:39:56 PM) Exculpatory1: lmao
(4:40:10 PM) Exculpatory1: not much different than i already told you about or pasted to you
(4:40:20 PM) jazzman831: yeah but now i get to read it from the horse's mouth
(4:40:30 PM) jazzman831: don't you like reading about yourself? :)
(4:40:32 PM) Exculpatory1: lol
(4:40:57 PM) Exculpatory1: one needs to remember that in speaking to a certain group, one employs methods not generally used in public posts ;-)
(4:41:15 PM) jazzman831: right
(4:43:08 PM) jazzman831: WHA?! now i KNOW rob's crazy. he called me a "bit of a partisan zealot"
(4:43:50 PM) Exculpatory1: lol
(4:44:04 PM) Exculpatory1: and some dare call me a parodist!
(4:44:32 PM) jazzman831: lol if only they knew!
(4:46:46 PM) Exculpatory1: I so think Rob isn't a parodist
(4:46:49 PM) Exculpatory1: do
(4:47:03 PM) Exculpatory1: but I do think he is far too consumed
(4:47:34 PM) Exculpatory1: he emailed me that fairly recently, that [personal information redacted] who would attest that he is driven
(4:48:02 PM) jazzman831: weird that rob thought i was using arguments from liberal websites...
(4:48:03 PM) jazzman831: aha ha ha
(4:48:31 PM) Exculpatory1: the RNC website is a liberal site, according to Rob
(4:48:47 PM) Exculpatory1: so dont put too much stock into his saying that
(4:48:56 PM) jazzman831: HA i forgot
(4:49:03 PM) jazzman831: but i never read those sites anyway
(4:49:06 PM) Exculpatory1: I am sure Andy buys all his crap
(4:49:12 PM) jazzman831: i wouldn't know their arguments if it bit me in the face
(4:49:13 PM) jazzman831: probably
(4:49:20 PM) Exculpatory1: some idiot just did that in WIGO
(4:49:39 PM) Exculpatory1: their "source" for something idiotic was the Daily Kos blogs
(4:49:46 PM) Exculpatory1: people like that scare me
(4:50:14 PM) Exculpatory1: cause its people like me who minipulate those blogs on both sides ;-)
(4:50:45 PM) jazzman831: right haha
(4:51:10 PM) Exculpatory1: damn, I see LT is now posting to our sysop group, lol
(4:51:27 PM) jazzman831: well so much for that
(4:51:37 PM) Exculpatory1: ?>
(4:51:46 PM) jazzman831: do you know who glastnost is?
(4:51:52 PM) jazzman831: oh nm
(4:52:07 PM) jazzman831: i forgot who LT was for a second ther
(4:52:09 PM) jazzman831: e
(4:58:05 PM) jazzman831: wow, rob's really really really crazy
(4:58:27 PM) jazzman831: he apparently doesn't understand that its' really easy to look through your own logs to find out how many vandals you have reverted
(4:58:39 PM) jazzman831: this is rather entertaining
(4:59:09 PM) jazzman831: i also love how he was too dense to realize that helpjazz=jazzman, even when he talked about both in the same sentence!
(4:59:24 PM) jazzman831: AND he referenced the post where bohdan made the connection
(5:00:46 PM) Exculpatory1: lol
(5:01:05 PM) Exculpatory1: the bits on conservative, showing how much all of us detested him are interesting
(5:01:30 PM) jazzman831: does andy defend conservative? or just not have the guts to do anything about it?
(5:02:10 PM) Exculpatory1: I think he beleives, actually, he is a major contributor
(5:02:25 PM) Exculpatory1: of course he believed the pumped pages too :p
(5:02:31 PM) jazzman831: yeah
(5:03:23 PM) Exculpatory1: coffee---brb
(5:03:40 PM) jazzman831: k
(5:23:03 PM) Exculpatory1: Andy must be praying constantly that the discussion group dies
(5:23:28 PM) jazzman831: he certainly wil be now!
(5:24:00 PM) Exculpatory1:

I have no concern about the public reading my own postings to your Google discussion group ( But as courtesy I'm letting you know that fellow members of the group are alarmed by your action in publicizing what you said would be "private" (see group description). You should be prepared to be legally accountable for any expected or unexpected consequences of posting so much private information, which may include:
  • private email accounts
  • private phone numbers
  • information about minors
Already a complaint has been filed with Google about the publicizing of this private information. I'm not giving you legal advice, but I do suggest you consult your own attorney about publicly posting private information.
In Christ,

(5:24:55 PM) jazzman831: so glastnost was you then?
(5:25:12 PM) jazzman831: and, i know he's a lawyer, but for a conservative he sure appeals to a higher power a lot
(5:25:56 PM) Exculpatory1: huh?
(5:26:11 PM) jazzman831: he always threatens legal action
(5:26:20 PM) Exculpatory1: glastnost was that soviet, and kissinger
(5:26:59 PM) jazzman831: no, i mean the user "glastnost" that posted a link to the user group
(5:27:16 PM) jazzman831: i know a *little* history, you've got to give a young guy some credit :)
(5:28:15 PM) Exculpatory1: well, i didnt understand your comment....nothing to do with credit.....
(5:28:25 PM) jazzman831: lol
(5:30:57 PM) Exculpatory1: read above
(5:32:30 PM) jazzman831: oh i think i get it
(5:32:40 PM) jazzman831: i'm just wondering who it was that posted that to andy's page
(5:34:31 PM) Exculpatory1: I didnt see it
(5:35:40 PM) jazzman831:
(5:37:10 PM) Exculpatory1: Sorry, you did show that to me earlier!
(5:37:15 PM) Exculpatory1: I didnt notice the user name
(5:37:22 PM) jazzman831: got it
(5:37:29 PM) Exculpatory1: I suppose it was GL or Brian
(5:38:14 PM) jazzman831: heheheh i just found a post by andy where he said he was wary of giving me edit rights because of that "nasty spot of bot vandalism" aka THAT HORRIBLE BOT!! [ed. note: whenever I would ask about or mention edit rights to TK, he would tell me that Andy told him I still can't be trusted because of the Stevecarson bot]
(5:38:28 PM) jazzman831: ah, see i dunno who all's privy to the group
(5:39:00 PM) Exculpatory1: everyone is now
(5:39:09 PM) Exculpatory1: before it was viewable only by members
(5:39:43 PM) jazzman831: yeah, but i mean someone had to find it in order to post the link -- and it seems unlikely that someone would find it by chance
(5:40:41 PM) Exculpatory1: Well, like I said above, I assume GL or Brian
(5:40:56 PM) Exculpatory1: since I told them I was opening it to public viewing
(5:41:02 PM) Exculpatory1: Also Airdish I told
(5:41:23 PM) jazzman831: ah
(5:41:28 PM) jazzman831: well you know it wasn't me :)
(5:42:09 PM) Exculpatory1: No, I don't
(5:42:20 PM) Exculpatory1: nor do I care :-X
(5:42:37 PM) Exculpatory1: I dont have anything to hide
(5:42:43 PM) Exculpatory1: there or here, lol
(5:42:50 PM) jazzman831: right
(5:43:01 PM) Exculpatory1: now, some of the others, well......far be it for me to decide if they do or not ;-)
(5:43:10 PM) jazzman831: i guess you don't know it wasn't me, but i didn't know about it until you told me
(5:43:32 PM) jazzman831: heh it's funny i was looking for something in the IM logs and found something where you told me point blank that there was no forum
(5:43:41 PM) jazzman831: kinda like "these are not the droids you're looking for"
(5:46:05 PM) Exculpatory1: "There is no cabal!"
(5:46:28 PM) jazzman831: "this is not a game" though that's pretty obscure
(5:46:56 PM) Exculpatory1: When did I tell you there wasn't any such forum? Because I have openly acknowledged it on CP
(5:47:36 PM) jazzman831: man, andy sure tells people how suspicious of me as much as possible -- even when i'm completely unrelated to the convo
(5:47:41 PM) jazzman831: hold on let me see if i can find it again
(5:48:12 PM) Exculpatory1: yes, its his way
(5:48:23 PM) jazzman831:

(9:51:04 PM) jazzman831: is this on the secret forums, i guess?
(9:51:14 PM) Exculpatory1: huh?
(9:51:16 PM) Exculpatory1: we dont have any

(5:48:36 PM) Exculpatory1: if you notice, that always occured after I or Dan brought up giving you additional rights
(5:48:42 PM) jazzman831: though two days after that you said something about your secret forums -- i guess i just wasn't paying attention
(5:48:55 PM) Exculpatory1: I didnt consider it "secret"
(5:48:56 PM) jazzman831: not always: Iduan suddenly requested night editing late last night, supposedly to work on Templates.  That kind of request is a warning sign.  I'm suspicious of him, as I am of HelpJazz. [ed. note: TK said this in the SDG, after telling me time and time again in IM that he was vouching for me]
(5:49:32 PM) jazzman831: ha ha well you i have the short term memory of a goldfish and the long term memory of an acid addict
(5:50:19 PM) Exculpatory1: :p
(5:50:53 PM) Exculpatory1: I aint denying what I said, but dont know the complete context, and I certainly know what I think, and I never tried to mislead you.
(5:51:04 PM) jazzman831: i think it was probably a joke
(5:51:07 PM) jazzman831: but i missed it
(5:51:20 PM) jazzman831: because there isn't rreally any context
(5:51:30 PM) Exculpatory1: you have certainly been, on CP, a much fairer person to everyone, than I attempted to be.
(5:51:58 PM) Exculpatory1: And I just don't understand, never did, Andy's paranoia
(5:52:06 PM) jazzman831: i try :)
(5:52:17 PM) Exculpatory1: We used to have night editing open, and we contained any vandalism
(5:52:21 PM) jazzman831: yeah
(5:52:33 PM) Exculpatory1: suddenly he was hell bent on cutting it all off
(5:52:42 PM) jazzman831: i wish i had more free time so i could do a lot of editing to show andy i was genuine
(5:52:47 PM) jazzman831: maybe come winter break
(5:52:56 PM) Exculpatory1: I assume this was private shit from Karajou or TerryH, wanting it
(5:53:19 PM) Exculpatory1: My opinion is, you will never be able to show him that
(5:53:29 PM) jazzman831: i know
(5:53:37 PM) Exculpatory1: Stile is requesting membership
(5:53:48 PM) Exculpatory1: like i would do that scum any favors, lol
(5:53:52 PM) jazzman831: lol
(5:54:23 PM) Exculpatory1: I like how so many of them post with authority about TK, yet I have never chatted with them, or exchanged emails with them
(5:54:37 PM) Exculpatory1: Most likely because they are socks of those I have. ;-)
(5:54:46 PM) jazzman831: HA HA
(5:59:04 PM) jazzman831: ok dinner time
(5:59:55 PM) jazzman831: i do hope they continue the forums, i really didn't realize how they took a lot of the innocuous things i say (like misspelling "defence" -- my spell check doesn't warn for british spellings)
(6:00:37 PM) Exculpatory1: ahh!
(6:00:41 PM) Exculpatory1: so you admit it!
(6:01:07 PM) Exculpatory1: more liberal deceit >:o
(7:14:45 PM) jazzman831: i admit... not being able to spell
(7:14:52 PM) jazzman831: I ADMIT I'M LIVING A LIE
(7:16:04 PM) Exculpatory1: LMAO
(7:57:32 PM) Exculpatory1: they are all requesting membership now
(7:57:40 PM) jazzman831: eheheheheh
(7:57:42 PM) Exculpatory1: you might as well too, given what andy did to GL
(7:58:38 PM) jazzman831: oh man i hope he doesn't remove my block rights
(7:58:44 PM) jazzman831: that would be a rather sad day
(8:04:27 PM) jazzman831: i see you changed permissions... glad i read all about myself earlier
(8:04:45 PM) Exculpatory1: anyone can request membership
(8:05:15 PM) jazzman831: are you letting anyone in who requests it?
(8:05:30 PM) Exculpatory1: mostly ;-)
(8:06:06 PM) jazzman831: heheh
(8:06:25 PM) Exculpatory1: I approved Hoji and Wiki
(8:06:37 PM) Exculpatory1: Stile whoever he is, is a dick
(8:06:41 PM) Exculpatory1: fuck him
(10:08:17 PM) Exculpatory1:

I'm horrified that you have not yet apologized to TerryH for exposing that highly private discussion. I suggest you sincerely apologize as soon as possible.
I never slandered you, and your baseless threats will not distract from your legal accountability for breaching the privacy of many people. Do you know if the highly private and personal information that you posted publicly was copied by others? Legally, you would be fully accountable for any harm that results to TerryH or others.
I'm not going to waste my evening arguing with someone who has no respect for the most personal and private aspects of one's life.
In Christ,

(10:08:41 PM) jazzman831: did you do that though?
(10:08:53 PM) jazzman831: or does he mean because you made the group visible?
(10:09:07 PM) Exculpatory1: because I made the group visible
(10:09:12 PM) jazzman831: wow
(10:09:17 PM) Exculpatory1: and he is talking about [personal information redacted]...
(10:09:23 PM) jazzman831: o
(10:09:59 PM) Exculpatory1: which was announced in the newspapers back there, and andy weposted his condolences on CP about :p
(10:10:28 PM) jazzman831: oh
(10:11:59 PM) Exculpatory1: I am beginning to suspect alcoholism
(10:12:16 PM) jazzman831: andy?!
(10:15:00 PM) Exculpatory1: yah
(10:15:16 PM) Exculpatory1: ever notice how he gets more wound up later in the day/evening?
(10:15:23 PM) jazzman831: HA
(10:15:31 PM) Exculpatory1: [personal information redacted]
(10:16:04 PM) Exculpatory1: functioning alcoholics maintain their jobs, etc
(10:16:50 PM) Exculpatory1: drink only when not at work....[personal information redacted]] owned a business, functioned well, but after he got home, about 3-4, he went through almost a fifth of seagrams 7
(10:17:01 PM) jazzman831: wiow
(10:17:22 PM) Exculpatory1: andy gets shrill and more weird as the evening goes on
(10:18:14 PM) Exculpatory1: typical of a drinker

<End of conversation>

Here's a fun game to play: Watch the movie Good Night and Good Luck, then read CP's article on Edward R. Murrow. You get 1 point for every paragraph you read before wanting to punch the computer screen and 10 points for making it all the way to the end. Rounding up to the nearest positive number, I got 1 point.

Here's a harder version for those of you who are good at the game: subtract one point for each time you thought of Andy and/or CP's Obama page while watching the movie. My score was very, very negative.

What the heck? How can you possibly rectify this with this? How do you rectify this with this? What is going on around here?

Things about me on the internet:

  • From Encyclopedia Dramatica
    • (Under "Unknown Administrators") HelpJazz: Probably likes negro music. Must be confused - he actually tries simultaneously to follow Andy's orders and to improve articles. As a result, will never, ever, ever get night-editing rights.
    • This was one block that I felt really really bad about. The guy emailed me and told me that his little son came up with the name, so I unblocked him. I'm such a sap.

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