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The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS (allegedly est. on June 15, 2010)[1] is a one-man blog that pretends to be a tribunal established to enforce common law.[2]

Kevin D. Annett (born in 1956)[3][Note 1] of the Nation of Kanata Canada is the founder and operator of a series of crank one-man blogs and phony organisations, the most famous among these being the above mentioned juridical quagmire[Note 2] of nonsense and pseudolaw, the ITCCS. Annett is also a pseudohistorian, an enthusiastic supporter of the freeman on the land movement,[4] a "bankster" and chemtrail truther[5] and a defrocked[6] transphobic[7] United Church of Canada[wp] minister. He regularly accuses the Vatican, the government of Canada and the United Church of Canada of being worse than Hitler.[8]

Annett has his own page on[9] and has recieved support from other freeman[10] and militia movement[11] cranks, as well as David Icke-esque new age cranks.[12] That being said, other conspiracy theorists aren't so enamoured of him.[13][14]

Annett has also fraudulently claimed to be a Nobel peace prize nominée,[15] a laughable claim which is completely out of the question.[16] Even so, being nominated doesn't mean squat.[17] Oblivious to all this, some crackpots connected to the militia movement took the time to congratulate Annett on this non-existent Nobel peace prize nomination.[11]


[edit] Pseudolaw galore

[edit] International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Our Mandate: (1) To lawfully prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.
—Kevin Annett playing one-man russian roulette with "international litigation" loaded in the chamber[18]

With the ITCCS, Annett attempts to mimic genuine international organisations, and is actually good enough at this to have fooled a few normal people (and a lot of raving conspiracy-prone nutters) into thinking there's anything at all to this. He produces very nicely-formatted, official-looking documents and everything.[19] The website did look fairly professional at one time, although it has since decayed heavily. If nothing else, it nicely illustrates how the Timecube Law and Haig's Law can go hand in hand. It should also be noted that most genuine international legal bodies are not "Proudly powered by WordPress".

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS came to some notice in the social media sphere in February 2013, when Annett issued a claim that Pope Benedict XVI resigned for fear of arrest on an ITCCS warrant[20] and the hard of thinking forwarded it around as if this actually made sense. This stunt atleast made his phony organization notable enough to be debunked on Snopes.[21]

In March of the same year, Annett boldly took new steps and "convicted" two consecutive Popes of genocide and child trafficking, issuing "international arrest warrants" for them.[22]

The ITCCS website also sports a prominent link to a so-called "Common Law Community Training Manual", which is basically a Sovereign citizen FAQ.[23] They also have a collection of "Common Law Court Documents", in case you were looking for a pseudolaw starter kit.[24]

Via the ITCCS, Annett has also issued a proclamation dissolving Canada,[25] which he has replaced with the Republic of Kanata.[26] He also dissolved Great Britain, though that one was only on Twitter.[27]

[edit] International Common Law Court of Justice

At the heart of the "organization" is something Annett calls the International Common Law Court of Justice or ICLCJ, which is rather similar to those "common law courts" sometimes set up by freemen on the land, right down to the "citizen jurors".[28][29][Note 3] This court, however, exists only in the mind of Annett.

[edit] Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity

Never running out of phony names for his non-existant organisations, the Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity or TCH. Annett has accused the Vatican and the British government of trying to block the clearly real and important actions of his Tribunal, stating;[30]

Despite efforts by the British government and the Vatican to obstruct the Tribunals, including by deporting and harassing its leading members, survivors of church and state terror will gather in five countries to present evidence and come to a judgement concerning church-sponsored genocide, murder and the continued trafficking in children. We intend to share this evidence before the world, and bring indictments against the Roman Catholic and numerous Protestant churches, as well as the Crown of England, for mass murder and the continued trafficking and torture of children.

In 2011, the powers that be apparently lost the ability to hold back the tidal wave force of the the TCH, which was was claimed by Annett to finally have convened in several world capitals globally (uncluding Brussels, London and Ottawa), supposedly present in all these places at once to physically arrest the globalist heads of some vast conspiracy;[31]

After more than a year of preparation, a network of community-based Tribunals into Crimes against Humanity will officially convene in Brussels, London, Ottawa and other cities on September 15, 2011, armed with the power to arrest and sentence guilty offenders – including the Pope himself.

It goes without saying that none of these arrests took place or were even attempted - Kevin probably didn't even leave his own basement on that very day. Still, in the same proclamations, he literally goes on to impersonate law enforcement, claiming to have "Common Law Peace Officers" at the standby to enforce his wierd rants;[31]

Equally important, the Tribunals will bring common law legal judgements against the guilty persons and institutions, including Pope Joseph Ratzinger, and will impose community sentences against them that will be fully enforced by Common Law Peace Officers.

Unless a massive shootout between the common law peace officers and the proper authorities was also covered up internationally and all at once, it's probably safe to assume that nothing ever came of this either. If a global coverup took place, however, this event may be counted among the many freeman successes.

[edit] Why this is not a great idea

There are a number of reasons as to why the ITCCS probably shouldn't be throwing the first "litigational stone" anytime soon (atleast not in the land of lost mittens).[32]

Claiming to be an organization under the territorial jurisdiction of Canada, the ITCCS (read: Kevin Annett) is;

  • Utilizing various rhetorical ploys with deceptive intent, to imply the involvement of many (e.g. writing "our" instead of "my" and referencing "ratification" by some sort of conjectural voting "directorate").[33]
  • Fraudulently claiming to be based in Brussels[wp] (in a daring attempt to make the ITCCS sound less made up),[34][Note 4] claiming among other things to have offices and personell on the ground (in case you wanted to know where your donations went). All of this, despite the whole thing actually being operated from out of Canada by a single man (who is, save for an almost certain insanity defense, fully aware of these facts). Legally, pretty thin canadian ice.[35]
  • Falsely asserting to be a tribunal established to enforce common law (punishable under canadian law,[36] possibly torture by boiling maple syrup).
  • Accepting donations with the above points in mind, rendering any and all accepted donations a form of fraud perpetrated against the donators (guess if that's prosecutable in Canada?).[37]

As minor and typical as these cranky "white lies" may seem, they seem - in fact - arguably sufficient to constitute prosecutable offenses under Canadian law.[38] Now, naturally, Annett seems like the standard, relatively harmless nutjob, and it seems unlikely his PayPal account has recieved more than one figure donations. Still, the fact that he openly solicits donations equals a concious choice on his part to enter the territory of the law.[39] And as we all know, claiming to not have known that you were breaking a law is specifically not a permitted defense.

Regardless of this, however - any wannabee international court entity should probably not be surprised if its actions were to be examined - even by laymen, even for purposes of infotainment - in the context of laws that atleast aren't made up.

[edit] Accosting the native Canadian community

As one who has been commissioned by the Onkwehonwe (Mohawk) and Haudenosonee (Iroquois) nations to share this Great Law with my own people...
—Kevin Annett[40]

Annett claims (to this day) to have been personally chosen by the native Canadian community to (pseudo)legally represent them, previously also having made his money claiming to represent their interests.[40] Until they told him to damn well stop it.[41][42]

Before his press releases about arresting popes, Annett was known for making extensive claims of exposing ritual murder of native children in residential schools. He was active in native activist organisations in Canada[43] — which he had a habit of using to raise money for himself, claiming their support and endorsement until forced to desist.[44] Here's a real shocker: this is illegal in Canada.[45]

Annett’s explanation for all this is to claim that all official representatives of native Canadians are corrupt and have agreed to keep the deaths of thousands of children secret.[46]

Despite the attempts to limit his abuse of real topics, he has since went on to make outright pseudohistorical claims. From his webpage;[47]

We have forensic proof now that countless children are buried in mass graves near former church schools, orphanages and sweatshops across Canada, America, England, Ireland and Australia” said ITCCS spokesman Kevin Annett today.

Notice that the above, which he posted on, is in fact an interview with himself, in which he (as Kevin Annett, the person) asks himself the questions and answers them in third person (as Kevin Annett, the ITCCS spokesman).[47]

[edit] Transphobia and homophobia

Solidarity with cross dressers is not exactly a slogan to win much credibility or kudos in any department. None of the trannies I’ve known have ever seemed that much in need of remembrance.
—Kevin Annett[48]

Annett has major beef with the former Moderator of the United Church of Canada, Gary Paterson[wp], for the simple reason that Paterson was openly gay and not a hateful asshole like Annett. The idea for the church to push forward with gay acceptance and to work against violence against transsexuals was met with disgust by Annett, who wrote;[48]

I learned long ago the pointlessness of arguing morality with a psychopath – one wonders why the collective absurdity calling itself the United Church is lending itself to such increasingly bizarre and membership-shrinking gestures as the latest stunt emanating from the twisted gray matter of Gary Paterson.


It’s one of those compensations of a moral universe that anyone who gets away with a crime eventually goes mad from doing so; and the bigger the atrocity, the crazier they become. Ask Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, or Joe Stalin.

Or Gary Paterson.

Gary who?

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet and television for the past few weeks, you can’t have missed Gary Paterson, the immoderate Moderator of the United (or was that Untied?) Church of Canada, who just announced that all good church members should honor transgender people in a special day of remembrance. Why? Because two such people were killed in Canada last year, ostensibly because of their sexual identity.

In a fit of fake moral outrage, Annett sarcastically commented on the choice of not wishing death to transsexuals when there used to be residential schools that could be discussed instead;[48]

Instead, well, let’s all remember, I don’t know, how about cross dressers?

Truly a beacon of the freemen.[Note 5]

[edit] External links

[edit] Notes

  1. Excerpt from blog post, dated July 6, 2012: "...unless my 56 year old brain has missed something..."
  2. As in "a situation from which extrication is very difficult", not as in giggity!
  3. The ICLCJ is supposedly a "a lawful Citizens’ Tribunal of Conscience", whatever that means.
  4. Brussels hosts the official seats of the European Commission, Council of the European Union, and European Council, as well as a seat (officially the second seat but de facto the most important one) of the European Parliament. Thus, Brussels has a surplus of kinda-sorta same-sounding institutions, making it a ripe location for cranks to claim to operate out of.
  5. Note that Annett also confuses crossdressing with transsexuality.

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