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Management speak

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Management speak is a method of concealing ignorance by using large words which other people aren't able to understand. It is often used in board meetings and presentations, and is also used by politicians who want to a) pretend they know what they're talking about or b) want people to zone out so they can slip in something controversial without anyone noticing or c) just feel special. It is sometimes known as "jargon", although jargon can just as well be a collection of specialized terms of art which, unlike management speak, isn't used primarily by bullshitters (one BS jargon variant is technobabble).

The words utilize (use), paradigm (theoretical framework or simply a slogan) and innovate/innovation (getting new ideas or at least pretending to) crop up often. Blue sky thinking and pushing the envelope are often-utilized strategies for facilitating the reinvention of interactive paradigms.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

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