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Pensacola Christian College (or PCC) is a diploma mill conservative, fundamentalist college founded in 1974 by minister Arlin Horton. The college is located right down the street from Dinosaur Adventure Land and has 1500 staff and 4700 students. They also run "A Beka Book", a propaganda mill publishing house providing sermons textbooks to Christian homeschoolers the world over. Since 2013, the school is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools to award associates to doctoral degrees.


The rules

Under Christian Sharia, PCC follows a "morally sensible" and "educationally efficient" policy of gender segregation. Indeed, any physical contact between members of the opposite sex (evidently including shaking hands[1]) is strictly forbidden. To help students conform to this, all stairwells and elevators on campus are segregated by gender. Patronizing movie theaters or public libraries, visiting the dormitories of the opposite gender, profanity, listening to any music other than pre-approved Christian music[2], having hair of the wrong length, and off-campus meeting of members of the opposite sex are grounds for immediate expulsion.[3] Additionally, protests and petitions are expressly forbidden[4], as is possessing, distributing, writing, or reading "unauthorized literature", an umbrella term under which virtually every single book, magazine, and newspaper ever written is generally assumed to fall under, unless a specific exception is made. The eerie similarities between their policies and those of authoritarian regimes like North Korea is ironic as ever, since it is a given that they go to bed at night worried about atheist commies conspiring to take away their "freedom".


As a college of "true" Christians, PCC does not include any coursework that could conflict with a strictly literal reading of Genesis - it teaches Young Earth Creationism and the Great Flood. PCC is not forced to deal with subjects such as evolution.[5] PCC teaches a literal seven-day creation by God of the universe approximately six thousand years ago. PCC also denies Sigmund Freud's work on psychoanalysis.

Degrees offered

PCC offers "degrees" in Business, Engineering, Bible Studies, Education, Pre-Med,Pre-Physical Therapy and Natural Sciences. There are minors in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Teaching.

Example courses for Freshman-year Biology

Semester 1:

  • New Testament Survey
  • General Biology
  • English Grammar and Composition
  • College Algebra II
  • PE Activity Elective
  • Fundamentals of Speech

Semester 2:

  • New Testament Survey
  • General Biology
  • English Grammar and Composition
  • History of Civilization
  • College Trigonometry
  • PE Activity Elective

Graduate School

PCC's graduate school is called "Pensacola Theological Seminary" and degrees in their graduate school include- Masters of Divinity, Masters of Ministry, Masters of Arts (Biblical Exposition and Biblical Languages), Masters of Church Music and Doctor of Ministry. The school says their programs prepare them for "Full time Christian work". Accreditation is through TRACS as it is part of PCC.

Credit Transfer and use of Teaching degrees

It is known that sometimes credits from PCC can be transferred to secular accredited colleges or universities but it is rare that PCC credits can be transferred. The reason behind why PCC credits rarely transferring is the fact that TRACS is a National Accrediting group. Institutes that are nationally accredited have slightly lower standards than Regional Accreditation , regional accreditation has higher standards when it comes to education thus making credit transfer more likely. Also, the teaching degrees are meant for Christian Schools and not public schools.

A Beka Book

PCC's publishing house, "A Beka Book" (named after Rev. Horton's wife, Rebekah) supplies a full range of fundamentalist Christian textbooks to homeschoolers, most of which espouse creationism. [6]

Some highlights from the catalog:

  • Science of the Physical Creation — Jam-packed with useful scientific information, such as "evolution is a pile of bunk," "evolutionists are a pack of frauds," "dinosaurs were dragons," etc.
  • Science: Order and Reality - A middle school level "biology" "textbook". Published 1993, written ca. 103. Every chapter opens with Bible verses.
  • Physics: The Foundational Science — The highlight of this text is its wealth of lengthy historical essays on Men of Science, Men of God; physics takes a real back seat.
  • Vocabulary, Spelling and Poetry series — Besides learning words useful in reading the King James version of the Bible (which PCC believes is the only good translation), students are treated to lengthy essays on how, e.g., the "descriptive" school of dictionary writers are spearheading a satanic conspiracy bent on making "evolutionists" out of English speakers.
  • Economics: Work and Prosperity — Ostensibly an economics text, actually an anti-communist tract, although apparently the news of the Soviet Union's collapse passed the author by. Not surprising, since he is Russell Kirk, who not only died in 1994, but was not an economist even when he was warm. It should be said, however, that the authors of real economics texts could take a hint from Dr. Kirk's writing style.
  • Sex, Love and Romance: Sex Education from the Bible — Probably the only sex-ed book that contains more references to Satan than to semen. A must-read for aspiring misogynists and writers of religious-themed erotica.
  • Bible Doctrines for Today - a Bible course text that may also double as bad science fiction. An excerpt: "Some have suggested that as Christ returns, the New Jerusalem, a satellite space city, begins its descent toward the earth (Rev.21:1-2). This event has not gone unnoticed by the sophisticated tracking devices of the world. The armies of the world therefore pinpoint its destination as Jerusalem and gather there to do battle against what they interpret as invaders from outer space."[citation needed]
  • A Healthier You - basically, a book on how to be a good God-fearing White Southern Protestant Christian American, with some anti-drug education slammed on. One highlight is an illustrated panel that shows how you can pass a history exam through hard prayer and the Lord's grace.
  • Choosing Good Health - similar to above but for a younger audience, also with some basic medicine and first aid stuff slammed on.

Pensacola Christian College in the Real World

The only employers who have a positive view of an education from PCC are other extreme fundamentalist loons.[7] If a graduate is lucky, they might be able to get hired by one; it helps that the competition in this field is somewhat limited.

Pensacola Christian Academy

PCC also has its own elementary/middle/high school known as Pensacola Christian Academy. Their site mentions that there are science labs for high school students, a play ground for the younger students, a gymnasium for exercise, a chapel (not surprising) and a library. This school teaches creationism as fact and most graduates of Pensacola Christian College's education programs end up teaching at PCA or some other Christian school. Teachers are certified by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools apparently.

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