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Predictive programming is a recurring element across many conspiracy theories. According to various theorists, whenever the conspirators plan to carry out a false flag operation, they hide references to it in the popular media before the atrocity takes place.

Examples of this include David Icke's claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was predicted by the film Dark Knight Rises,[1] and Alex Jones' belief that the Mexican oil rig explosion of 2010 was predicted in the film Knowing.[2]

There are two obvious problems with the concept. One is the question of exactly why a secret criminal conspiracy would publicly announce its intentions, even in coded form.

The other is the question of why nobody in the entertainment industry has leaked this information out. According to the example from Icke mentioned above, the shot in Dark Knight Rises showing a close-up of a map with the name "Sandy Hook" visible is deliberate predictive programming. If that were the case, then logically several people involved in the shot would have been in on the conspiracy: the director, the cameraman, whoever obtained a map showing Sandy Hook as a prop, and the stage hand who positioned the map on the table in the right position.

If plans to commit mass murders are regularly being revealed to the entertainment industry, and the information is apparently reaching low-level workers such as cameramen and stage hands, then surely one of them would have blown the whistle by now?

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