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Alex Jones, staring down some NWO stooges.
Some dare call it


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Sheeple wakers
I don't like 'em putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
—Alex Jones[1]
—Alex Jones[2][3]

Alexander Emerick Jones (born in 1974, replaced by an animatronic puppet sometime after 2010) is a radio entertainer and comedian who specializes in making up conspiracy theories to entertain his audience.[4]

Notoriously hard-to-place ideologically (though clearly located to the right on most topics), Jones' views amount to some kind of high-powered mutant hybrid of libertarianism/paleoconservatism/evangelical protestantism/neoreactionism/miscellaneous. Jones is one of the very few people who can make Glenn Beck look comparatively sane; it gets worse from there.

Alex got his start on Access TV in Austin, peddling basically the same horseshit, except on a small-time scale. Y2K was what he really pounded the table over, grunting about the end of money and shilling for his gun and survivalist's shop called "The Hardware Store". They specialized in stuff like guns, ammo, MREs[5] and 8-stage water filtration systems. He pimped the hell out of these on his show, promising us all that the end was nigh. Then nothing happened.[6][7]

Most Texans assumed he was done. Then 9/11 swooped in and bailed the charlatan out. Then in 2016 he became Donald Trump's ideologue of choice.[8] Dog help us all.


[edit] Influence

Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.
Donald Trump to Jones, during a 2015 Infowars-exclusive interview.[9]

Jones is apparently quite popular. In January 2016, his YouTube channel (which is a most exquisitely entertaining way to kill time) had nearly 620 million views and over 1.2 million subscribers,[4][10] his daily four-hour show aired on more than 60 AM and FM radio stations and drew 2 million listeners per week,[4][10][11] and his two main Web sites, Infowars and PrisonPlanet, drew a collective 4 million unique users per month, more than Rush Limbaugh.[11] Jones has had a cameo appearance in two Hollywood films[note 1] and numerous talk shows.[4][10] In 2010, Jones took in revenues of about $1.5 million.[10]

Ironically, many of Jones' theories focus on about how celebrities and the powerful, wealthy elite are conspiring against society.

[edit] Conspiracy theories

I'm like a chimpanzee, in a tree, jumping up and down, warning other chimpanzees when I see a big cat coming through the woods... I'm the weirdo? Because I'm sitting in a tree going OOH OOH OOH AAH AAH AAH
—Alex Jones, describing his attempts to wake the sheeple[12]

Jones can't fart without blaming it on a conspiracy of bean producers.[citation NOT needed]

His radio program is typified by frequent use of the Imperial March from Star Wars[note 2] while he rants about the impending roundup and execution of Americans by the New World Order (NWO) in the next week or two. He has been predicting this every day since at least 1995. We're still waiting. Any time a "major event" of any kind happens in the media, the first words from Jones on his radio show are always, "This whole situation stinks!" and he then immediately begins rounding up clues and evidence of the 'Massive Coverup' currently taking place in the current situation… whatever the situation is.

Jones loves to cite history to "awaken" the sheeple. Unfortunately for Jones, history is nothing but a series of government-created lies and cannot be trusted.

[edit] New World Order

Devil worshiping pedophiles basically run the New World Order. [...] They love death and they love killing babies.
—Alex Jones[3]
They've got operations so big, grabbin your kids, they CPS 'em right out, Child Protection Services, they're on a jet, to one of -- two dozen countries. And they are slaved out. And lotta times when they hit 25 years old, they -- y'know, 10,000 men have had sex with 'em, they've had 30, 40 abortions,[note 3] they've been used up in ways that are so hellish you can't even imagine, [slaps table] they just walk 'em right out, shoot 'em in the back of the head, and throw 'em in a vat of acid. That's how they roll, just massive, MASSIVE murder operations.
—Alex Jones[13]

Jones is the most visible (and literally LOUDEST) proponent of the grand Unified Conspiracy Theory wherein just about every current event can be tied into the NWO's nefarious schemes.

The NWO is the framework which every new conspiracy-of-the-week can be fit into. According to Jones' broadcasts and various "documentaries," the scaffolding around which the N.W.O. was built has its roots in Biblical times and is in part the work of Satan, and branched further about over two hundred years ago when the Rothschild banking family, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons came to power. Since then, things have snowballed into a complete worldwide conspiracy of every government and corporate entity.

He also adheres to the notion that the NWO will be ruled by the Antichrist, who will eventually be defeated by Jesus after the events of the Book of Revelation have taken place. It's to the point where a real conspiracy where the NWO found him in a lunatic asylum and put him on the radio to make the mainstream not trust conspiracy theories might not be out of the question.

For comic relief Jones' rants about the New World Order are interspersed with rants about his ideological kindred who, by their own account, have organized to fight the New World Order - the Islamic jihadis.

All this, in spite of the little known fact that Alex Jones is simply a pawn created by the NWO to distract us from the truth.[14]

[edit] Boston Marathon bombing

On April 15 2013, two assailants bombed the Boston Marathon. Three people died in the explosion, generated by crudely made explosives, with over a hundred and seventy injured or mutilated. Of course almost immediately, like a Pavlovian dog hearing the dinging bell, Alex Jones generated a conspiracy about it, claiming the suspects were patsies and it was done by the government, even going so far to accuse a guy scratching his own ear of being a FBI agent.

While it would seem to be the norm for the crackpot, new information seems to have shown a different shade to this event. The elder assailant had become obsessive with conspiracies, and it seems that his delusions on the subject played a part in the bombing. Worse yet, it seems he got a large portion of his crackpot information from none-other-than, one of Alex's two websites. Considering few have tried to accuse him of such a connection before, it seems a twisted irony that the conspiracy maniac had a hand in all of this madness. Though it would be unfair to say he was the most influential part of this event, he was far from that, his influence as a Crank Magnet may have played a part.

In addition, Jones insisted (along with equally credulous posters on 4Chan and Reddit) that missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi had something to do with the bombings;[15] this particular bit of false information was made especially regrettable (if not outright disgusting) by the fact that Tripathi has since been found dead.[16]

[edit] Government-sponsored tornadoes

His take on the massive tornado that leveled most of Moore, Oklahoma in May 2013 is typical; although he seems to confirm that the The Evil Federal Gummint is capable of causing (and even steering) such a storm with their "weather weapons," he stopped just short of saying that the Moore tornado was one of them.[17] At this point, it's possibly worth asking whether he honestly believes this stuff and is just going Chuck Yeager on the Poe's Law barrier - or whether this is some kind of weird performing art, like pro wrestling or Ann Coulter. Jones may have wanted to set these tornado victims on the government, at the right moment they would be looking for someone to blame, and even attacking people for following protocol for disasters, claiming the usual bits.

Then came the openly homosexual maiden of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, who tore into the obvious accusation,[18] and asked whether or not the Republicans that supported Jones would finally drop him like a rotten tomato for his tornado conspiracies. In it she made a joke about wasps "hiving" underneath the UN, as a ridiculous example to hit home how ridiculous Alex Jones conspiracies are.

Jones responded as his usual gentlemanly self by calling his video response Teaching Mr. Maddow, which he promptly removed afterwards, likely in fear of it being taken down. Within he calls her a lying witch, basically threatens her life if there is a revolution, and vilely laughing at her claims and pretending that she was begging the conspiracy cranks to stop listening to him. He even failed to properly answer her criticism of the whole supposed gun seizure and bullet famine by noting that the government has far too powerful weaponry to even require such seizures, and likely would have taken over years ago.

The video also proved that Alex Jones is incapable of understanding whether or not when someone says there are alien wasps underneath a building they are joking or not, as an episode after his disgustingly pathetic attempt against Maddow he tried to insinuate she actually believed they had created such a conspiracy.

[edit] Why isn't he dead?

It seems reasonable to expect that conspirators with the power to control governments and enslave entire nations would arrange convenient accidents for Jones and others who brazenly expose their schemes, yet the whistle-blowers tend to remain unmolested and free to continue hawking their wares. This could cause one to speculate that Jones is himself running a false flag operation in support of the Jewish lizard bankers!

Many Alex Jones fans sheeple have argued that if the government were to kill Alex Jones, then they would make him a martyr and 'expose' themselves. A potentially logical thought, as a martyr can be very influential. Alex Jones claims that he is Jesus Christ, and so that is why he is alive, meaning he operates without fear of death anyway? Though considering how supposedly powerful and child-eating the conspiracy he sells is, it seems unlikely they would not end him and make it look like an accident. Unfortunately this means that, ultimately, whether Alex Jones falls down the stairs, eats bad sushi, gets in a car wreck, or dies of fluoride poisoning, his death will be turned into a conspiracy theory.

Alternatively, assuming the NWO does exist, the only other plausible reason why Alex Jones is still alive, is that he is actually on their payroll, because nothing discredits a conspiracy theory more profoundly than its promotion by a paranoid pantopragmatic. In which case everyone concerned about the NWO should immediately start ignoring Alex Jones.

[edit] List of conspiracist views held by one Mr. Jones

—Alex Jones[19]
  • 9/11 was an inside job[20] (oh, and so were the London bombings[21])
  • The Bilderberg Group is controlling governments around the world[22]
  • A New World Order is set to kill 20%, 40%, 80%, 99.99999999% of the world's population.[23]
  • Various secret societies, including Skull and Bones,[24] Freemasons[25] and others are behind contemporary politics, governance, society and economics
  • The devastating tsunami in south-east Asia on December 26, 2004, was manmade.[26]
  • Hurricane Katrina was an opportunity to test out the FEMA concentration camps[27]
  • The government is using chemicals to create gay people. It's putting "estrogen mimickers" in juice boxes and water bottles. This makes the men want to wear women's clothes and make-up and no one will have children, all ultimately designed to depopulate the world.[28]
  • Hunter S. Thompson,[29] Gary Webb,[30] Princess Diana[31], Antonin Scalia (maybe)[32] and Prince (maybe)[33] were all murdered to cover up what they knew about the New World Order, or whatever.
  • Nerds are out to get everyone: "I tell ya folks, nerds are one of the most dangerous groups in this country, because they're gonna end up running things, but they still hate everybody, because they weren't the jocks in high school, so they play little dirty games on everybody. [begins pointing to head] They use their brains to hurt people. And I'm aware of them. Ok, I'mma -- I SEE YOU, YOU LITTLE RATS!"[34]
  • Fluoride: The standard fluoride woo. (See image.)
  • Atheists:
  • Are occultists: "Every time I've studied the groups that fund and run the atheist [sic], they're not atheist, they're occultist. Aand I guess if they can't get people to be occultist, they will just get them to be atheist and then atheists almost always become supporters of eugenics and abortion and humans are just blobs and humans don't have any great destiny and humans are a parasite [sic], and you just can't ignore the fruits of these people."[35]
  • Worship Satan: "This, this is their religion! Y'see, you see, at the highest level, the atheists aren't really atheists at the higher levels, they write books, these people worship Lucifer!"[35] "The establishment is always saying you shouldn't have a religion and god isn't real, but then you find out the elites who're saying they're atheists, 9 times out of 10 in my research, they turn out to be a occultist, who are Luciferian or Satanist."[35]
  • Love death: "And they do! They love death! And I'm just in love with life. And I -- I'm sorry for those who've never experienced it, y'know, when they laugh at us, all these unhappy atheists and psychologists and psychiatrists that are all out there, talking about how horrible their lives are and their incredible rates of suicide."[35]
  • The world is ruled by Satanists, and Satan is real: "But, uh, atheists and people say, oh, I don't believe in the devil, well it doesn't matter if you believe in the devil or not, there are people who rule the planet who believe in the devil. [...] Satan is real. Period. PERIOD. END OF STORY."[35]
  • "Control freaks": "[waving arms, talking in high-pitched "stupid" voice] Nellies[note 4] going "ehh ehh, kill everybody, I'm a nellie" -- AHHHH RGGGHHH [sits still; face disgusted] -- just simpering control freaks in big nerd packs,[note 5] taking everything over, ruling everything, becoming police officers with weapons and tasering people for fun! I've had it with control freaks, and SCUM!!! [bangs table] You people are CANCER! NNNGRGGHHNGYA! [bangs table, grumbles, then smiles] All right, I'm not in a good mood now, just -- I just start thinking about Bill Gates doing that little chicken neck hopping around, little murdering eugenicist. You know how he walks, like [waving arms again] "ehh heh heeeh heh heeeh", like a demonic elf, "I'm Bill Gates", heeeh heh heeeh heh heh. [sits still] I'm gonna shoot you up with something that's gonna kill you deader than a hammer! [stares intensely at screen] HOW'S THAT 30 YEAR DEATH FROM GUT DISEASE SOUND, AFRICAN CHILDREN, ROLL UP THE SLEEVES, I'M A LITTLE CHICKEN-NECKED BASTARD, AND NOBODY'S GOT THE WILL TO SEE WHO I AM [sic]?"[36]
  • Justin Bieber: "They tell your kids that you gotta love Justin Biebler [sic], and then Biebler [sic] says hand in your guns, pass the cybsersecurity act, and, uh, y'know, uh, the police state is good, and, and then your children are turned into mindless vassals, and they look up to some twit instead of looking up to Thomas Jefferson, or looking up to Nicola Tesla, or looking up to, uh, to Magellan. [waving arms] I MEAN, KIDS, MAGELLAN IS A LOT COOOOOLER THAN JUSTIN BIEBER -- I MEAN, HE CIRCUMNAVIGATED, WITH ONE SHIP, THE ENTIRE PLANET, HE WAS KILLED BY WILD NATIVES BEFORE THEY GOT BACK TO PORTUGAL, AND WHEN THEY GOT BACK THERE WAS [sic] ONLY LIKE 11 PEOPLE ALIVE OF THE 200-SOMETHING CREW, AND THE ENTIRE SHIP WAS ROTTING DOWN TO THE WATER LINE. That's destiny, that's will, that's being a trailblazer and explore [sic]. Going into space, mathematics, quantum mechanics, the secrets of the universe -- it's all there! Life is fiery in its beauty, its incredible detail! [unclear] THEY WANNA SHUTTER YOUR MIND, TALKING ABOUT JUSTIN BIEEEBERRR! It's PURE EVIL! IT'S TYRANNY, PEOPLE! They're taking your intellect, your soul, and they're giving you Michael Jordan and BIEBER!"[36]
  • Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame might have been killed to boost sales. Video posted day of her death.[19]
  • Obama: "Bezelbub, Baphomet, Leviathan, the devil. He is the devil. Barack Obama is the devil."[37]

[edit] Additional thoughts

  • Oddly enough for a conspiracy-minded Christian fundamentalist, Jones is apparently a huge fan of heavy metal music. Go figure that one.[10]
  • Like David Icke, Alex Jones prefers to wear hats made out of aluminum foil on a regular basis. He does this, it is alleged, to keep (insert evil global conspiracy) from being able to read his mind. No, seriously.[38][citation NOT needed]
Wake up, sheeple!
  • Apparently Powerball and Obamacare and gun control are all related, because gambling and political discourse are both addictive dopamine-heavy activies. Right.[39]
  • "Paul Watson and I are gay lovers. We are gay, reptoid space alien lovers."[40]
  • BREAKING NEWS: ALEX JONES IS SECRETLY BILL HICKS! There is convincing evidence that Jones is in fact the new identity of allegedly deceased comic visionary Bill Hicks,Wikipedia's W.svg[41][42] but you won't hear it in the lamestream media.
  • After initially arguing that the 2016 Orlando massacre was a false-flag terror attack, Jones then switched the blame to America's LGBT community, for allegedly supporting the migration of extremist Muslims into the country[43].

[edit] Political stance

Because many of the conspiracy theories he espouses are similar to those passed around on the radical right, he is often lumped in with the conservative talk radio milieu by some mainstream sources. This is something of a mischaracterization. Jones has no discernible political stance aside from all-consuming paranoid rage. He claims that the Illuminati controls the world. He claims that "the elite" conspirators who he says control the world "believe they're contacting inter-dimensional aliens" through use of the drug DMT, and "believe that they are being directed by them." Jones says that the entities that the world-ruling conspirators worship are called "clockwork elves" and that their ultimate goal is to be granted "eternal life" after they "kill everybody".[44]

Jones identifies himself as libertarian, and occasionally he says something in line with mainline libertarian principles. In practice, however, his brand usually leans towards paleolibertarianism, especially in his appeals to the traditional values that he feels to be under attack by the "globalists". He has far more in common, ideologically and stylistically, with the John Birch Society, the Constitution Party, and the sovereign citizen movement than with Fox News, railing against the neoconservatism and neoliberalism of the Reagan and Bush administrations (Junior and Senior alike) just as much as the "commie-fascism" of Bill Clinton and Obama, and proclaiming the entire political mainstream to be in service to the NWO. According to Jones, both Hillary Clinton and Obama are actual demons, smelling of sulfur.[45] Obama responded with an endorsement of the RationalWiki mission statement, stating: "We live in a country where flaming nutjobs have massive audiences. We need to laugh at them more."[46] To no one's surprise, Jones is also a fundamentalist Christian[47], but rarely preaches on his radio show.

Jones also has some (though certainly not a huge) amount of following on the far left. This was especially true during the Bush Jr. administration, where he interviewed figures like Noam Chomsky and Dennis Kucinich in addition to the usual who's who of far-right ideologues. This following is likely because, in addition to Federal Reserve, global warming, gay agenda,[48], end times prophecy, and United Nations conspiracies, he also covers a number of conspiracy theories more stereotypically associated with left-wingers (remember, everything's a conspiracy), such as 9/11 trutherism, Big Pharma, vaccine denialism, and Monsanto/genetically modified food conspiracies (useless eaters!), all things that put him at odds with the likes of Bush supporters like Sean Hannity. Because of his belief that these corporations are part of the NWO as well, he promotes all sorts of alternative medicine and nature woo.[49] As an article in The New Republic put it, Jones "occup[ies] the shadowy territory where the far right curves around and meets the far left."[50] It may be that he appeals more to persons who possess crank magnetism than to persons of a particular political ideology.

[edit] Media empire of fake news

I ain't no ho! I ain't no ho! I ain't no ho! I ain't no ho, I ain't no bitch![3][51]

[edit] DVDs

Jones is also a prolific filmmaker of direct-to-DVD films on various conspiracy topics, all done in much the same style as his radio program and all are available on Youtube or Google Video. Most of these films involve copious amounts of pseudohistory and go deeper "down the rabbit hole" of the machinations of the NWO, because he knows the truth. As well as his own productions Jones has appeared as an interviewee in the The Fall of America and the Western World.

[edit] Infowars

There's a war on for your money... I mean your mind.
If a website is touting the benefits of a certain supplement that they also happen to be conveniently selling, guess what, idiot? The article was written to sell you a product. You're reading an ad. Speaking of ads, InfoWars is one of the worst offenders. They pretend to be the arbiters of some supposed truth, while Alex Jones bloviates every week about some supposed government takeover that he keeps promising will happen year after year. They're coming for your: guns, property, liberty. They're always coming, but never here.
—Maddox, Your alternate news site sucks[52]

The fake news website Infowars is Alex Jones' Internet home; even the advertisements link to more conspiracy theories.[53]

The site is quite popular, with an Alexa ranking of around 3000.[54]

Much like NaturalNews, citing Infowars in an argument usually means you are completely wrong, or you may be so off your view is literally beyond wrong. Yet, everyone on YouTube does it.[55]

The site appears to push anti-science and apocalyptic views. For example, the site claimed that the number of volcanoes erupting was massively over average, that the planet was becoming less "stable", and that much of the world had entered into a time of immense earthquakes -- and scientists don't know why.[56][57] (All this, despite the fact that no such increase occurred.[58])

Recently they seem to be trying to push their way into the manosphere and the Stormfront crowd with contributor Paul Joseph Watson constantly posting anti-woman ravings[59] and race-baiting articles[60][61][62][63] (including typical asshittery about white genocide[64][65][66][67][68][69][70]). Gold Buggery is also incredibly common, as to be expected.[71] In other economic concerns, they follow the policy of "predict a collapse every day and it'll happen eventually"[72] so much so that their economic news section is not called the typical "money" section but is instead permanently titled "Economic Crisis".

One Infowars contributor argued that the mandatory viewing in public schools of the acclaimed historical biopic about slavery, 12 Years a Slave, was a tactic to "control children in government internment camps — also known as public schools" and to promote "self-destructive tribalism"[73].

The only time something with any relative truth appears on Infowars is when they post articles from the mainstream media[74] that is supposedly in on the whole conspiracy Alex pushes, so much that any episode of Infowars is not complete without a take-down of the "lamestream media".

The Infowars Shop[75] sells his DVDs for just $20 each! And if you want your friends to know just how much more aware you are than them, you can buy T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other knick-knacks.

[edit] PrisonPlanet

PrisonPlanet consists of the purest, locally-grown, truth-free bullshit.

PrisonPlanet is a fake news website operated by Alex Jones. The site takes an almost overwhelmingly negative stance towards all recent presidents and regards government and corporations with a suspicious and twitching eye. While the latter is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, PrisonPlanet goes beyond healthy skepticism to a mind-boggling extreme — you'll soon find that PrisonPlanet takes everything to mind-boggling extremes. The bulk of the site is made up of conspiracy related stories and advertisements hawking the kinds of products valued by keen conspiracy theorists.

Alex Jones relies on the paranoia of a dystopian future, and promotes it through PrisonPlanet's blog, his radio show and his online store. The blog features articles that instil fear of vaccination,[76] promote conspiracy theories (see list below) and support alternative medicine,[77][78] because the big bad drug companies want your money and to keep you addicted. Unlike before, the site proper does not push white genocide conspiracy theories (sans once[79]), but the forums are rife with it.[80] Very little of this is actually based in reality, and in most cases, small statements of truth are projected into full-blown paranoia.

Alex Jones can't just give you his theories. He needs lots of money to impart his nuggets of wisdom to you. There are two ways to acquire his poorly-researched, unrealistic and paranoid delusions: burned DVDs or streamed online. He also sells books which, in a normal bookstore would be catalogued under fiction.

The second option requires a subscription to for $5.95 per month, or $54.95 per year. What a deal!

The website had an Alexa ranking in the 5,000s,[81] meaning it was a reasonably popular site. (Now, it's tanked to about 30,000).

Advertising tends to be targeted, in the sense that adverts attract more responses if they're relevant to the people reading them. For example, water purification systems and handguns are not typically advertised on websites aimed at young girls, but the same adverts would be far more successful if aimed at paranoid survivalists huddling in caves waiting for FEMA to come and steal their precious bodily fluids.

On Thursday August 26, 2010, the following adverts appeared on the front page of Prison Planet:

  • The Understanding and Surviving Martial Law manual
    According to the above site, a former political insider has discovered that "globalists" have a "vicious new plan to institute martial law". Worry not though! For just $49.95 (plus $9.95 shipping), you can prepare for the inevitable institution of martial law in the U.S. by purchasing their manual. Wait, that's not all! Buy now and receive a free copy of CAMP FEMA - American Lockdown.
  • Don't Tread on Me
    A series of videos in which viewers can learn about the FEMA plans to turn the U.S. into a police state, Obama's various and nefarious plans, 9/11 conspiracies, survivalism tips (water purification and use of short wave radio equipment), and of course the inevitable coverage of secret societies and their role in the new world order.
  • The Fall of America DVD set
    The Fall of America and the Western World is a general guide to surviving the inevitable Armageddon that will ensue as a mixture of financial destruction and government tyranny brings freedom to an end. It must be true, since it has David Icke in it.
  • The most lethal self defense system in the world
    Can you say "McDojo"? This style of martial arts is so dangerous that they require a disclaimer to protect them should any of their students use their skills for illegal purposes. Although most self-defense systems focus on defense and incapacitation of attackers, this system seems to advocate the killing of every single attacker a practitioner should encounter. The following quote from the website leaves little room for doubt (our emphasis):
    "Get Lethal with the Self Defense Training System and let every attacker know HE made a fatal mistake when he stupidly picked you. We call it “Attackers Remorse” and it’s the last thing he feels before you obliterate him from existence. "
    The last part is probably hyperbole, unless they are teaching people to use balefire.
  • Millionaire Patriot Wants YOU Armed and Trained!
    A millionaire wants to give away free guns, training, and concealed weapons permits to Prison Planet readers so they can be ready to protect America from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Well, Michael Savage supports the scheme so what could possibly go wrong?[82]
  • The Survival Zone
    The items on sale include the "Cold Steel" Recon Tanto Knife, pepper spray, camouflage gear, gas masks, stun guns, military "ready to eat" meals, and everything else a survivalist could need, with the exception of psychiatric care.
  • Heart And Body Extract
    Not quite what it sounds like at first. A blend of herbs that'll provide a strong healthy heart, balanced cholesterol levels, improved hearing and vision, healthy erectile function in men, restful sleep, warm hands and feet, and many more things. It's a fairly standard mixture of easily found items, but their FAQ warns that "The proportion, balance and quality of herbs is crucial", so you'd better buy their version instead of just picking up the constituent ingredients yourself. Curiously, they have a page named "clinical studies", yet there are no studies listed. All they have is a collection of pictures of doctors of naturopathy. Note to the manufacturers: taking photos of "doctors" is not a clinical study.
  • SilverLungs generator.
    A company offering devices for the manufacture of colloidal silver and a system for delivering it through inhalation. You too can join the Blue Man Group!
  • True Health Facts
    How is it that many illnesses in animals have been cured while similar ailments in humans have not? Well, it's either a conspiracy to shorten human lives, or perhaps farm animals are the true masterminds behind the new world order. They're not entirely clear on this matter, but it is explained in the DVD set they're selling. There's also a good dose of vaccine hysteria – including a conspiracy by veterinarians using vaccines to make pets sick to generate more revenue for themselves – along with the alkaline diet and pretty much every other health fad that's popular in the community that won't believe trained professionals but will happily buy products from some random guy on the Internet who calls himself "doctor" and takes the time to make a visually appalling website. (As usual, the juxtaposition of "true" and "facts" is a sign that neither word applies.)
  • Midas Resources
    Of course all good survivalists want to ensure they are well invested come the inevitable collapse of paper money and civilization as a whole. Paper money will be of little use when we're all hiding in caves, engaged in guerrilla war against the government, NATO and UN invasion forces. Gold on the other hand will be very useful because… well, it's not really clear how it's useful or even practical to carry heavy gold coins while running from FEMA death squads and their robotic hounds. (Midas Resources is the parent company of Genesis Communications Network, an independent radio network whose shows include the Alex Jones Show and other bullshit.[83])
  • Pure Water Freedom
    Fluoridated water is an elaborate government plot to control your mind. Not only does it help prevent tooth decay, it messes with the rest of your head too. Why buy a really inexpensive water filtration device to add to your mains, when Pure Water Freedom will sell you one for over $3,000?[84] Heck, they can sell you the replacement filters too!

[edit] Other dubious achievements

Alex Jones on Russian TV with Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian white nationalist. Caption reads "Alex Jones: Trump's secret weapon". This definitely isn't proof that Alex Jones is a Russian disinfo merchant or anything, no. We're just asking questions, like: Is Alex Jones a Russian disinfo merchant?

Jones is a recipient of a 2013 Pigasus Award from the James Randi Educational Foundation for his "accomplishments" in promoting political conspiracy theories and quack medical treatments.[85]

He also attempted to initiate a public pissing contest argument with fellow loudmouth media figure Bill O'Reilly over a graphic on The O'Reilly Factor that put the words "Hate Speech" next to a photo of Jones. Jones' apparent solution is to stage a pay-for-view boxing match between himself and O'Reilly, which - if it happens - might be the only time that both contestants end up forfeiting because of cardiac issues before the match even begins.[86]

On 9 June 2013, Jones was interviewed by the normally calm, cool, and collected BBC News correspondant Andrew Neil, over Jones' appearance at the Bilderberg conference protests. Jones took the opportunity to shout and scream numerous conspiracy theory bulletpoints, and repeatedly mentioned the URL of his website. Near the end of the interview, Neil sternly said, "You are the worst person I have ever interviewed." Afterwards, Jones shouted, "INFOWARSDOTCOM! Liberty is rising! Liberty is rising! Freedom will not stop! You will not stop freedom! You will not stop the republic! Humanity is awakening!" During Jones' rant, Neil turned to the camera and deadpanned, "We have an idiot on the program today!" [87] [88]

Jones also appeared on Piers Morgan's program to rant, rave, and carry on on the topic of gun violence, drawing allusions to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, because they thought a mass removal of guns would happen in America. He also plugged his petition to deport Piers because of his issues with the 2nd Amendment. He called him "a hatchet man of the New World Order." He was unable to answer a simple question about gun related deaths in the US vs. the UK. As a form of admission to defeat in the ensuing "debate," Jones ended the interview by mocking Piers' distinctive Anglican speech patterns by speaking in a cheesy, phoney-baloney British accent.[89]

Jones was also responsible for the creation of a truly awful SF meme on his show by insisting that the dual US-Russian plan to place Syria's chemical weapons under international control was in fact part of a cunning plan to kill off the human race and replace it with cyborgs.[90]

In December 2013, Alex Jones announced that he would be boycotting the NFL because of the NFL's decision to ban a commercial submitted by a rifle manufacturer at the 2014 SuperBowl.[91]

Infowars has a German website, which translates some English articles into German and has an article archive tracing back until 2006. [92] Its most read article is "Das Geheimnis der Zitrone" ("The secret of the lemon").

[edit] The Alex Avalanche

The Alex Avalanche is a particular debating style common to Jones. In fact, it's the only thing he ever employs. It is similar to the Gish Gallop, wherein the interviewee completely dominates the discussion, not allowing the interviewer or any other panel members an opportunity to interject and add their own thoughts or opinions. The Alex Avalanche is basically the Gish Gallop on meth. The Alex Avalanche is frequently accompanied by wild gesticulations, loud grunting, flop sweat and pounding the table with his fists.

The phrase was coined following Jones' antics during his appearance on the BBC's Sunday Politics show, where he ranted non-stop about the Bilderberg Group and how they were behind the implementation of the Euro, which was somehow originally a Nazi plot.[93] Afterwards, the show's host, Andrew Neil, described Jones as "the worst person that he had ever interviewed."[94] Meanwhile, on Alex Jones' Facebook page, his supporters complained about his poor treatment on the show and that he wasn't given time to "explain himself" - apparently blind to the fact that the man was given ample time because he didn't shut up for five whole minutes.[95] The tirade was a simple repeat of his performance against Piers Morgan on the subject of gun control.[96]

[edit] Guests

Surprisingly, Jones has managed to get a number of high-profile guests on his show (and, not so surprisingly, a lot of high-profile nutters), including:

[edit] In popular culture

  • Jones briefly appears in friend Richard LinklaterWikipedia's W.svg's film adaptation of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, as himself a raving street preacher. While Linklater considers the fellow Texan a friend, he has disavowed believing in Jones' innumerable conspiracy theories.[143]
  • The pilot episode of the 2016 revival of The X-Files features an eerily familiar Alex-Jones-a-like attempting to blow the whistle on a government/alien conspiracy in conjunction with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.[144][145]

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