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The film is nothing more than the cart issues, wishes ramp and that lashbone, be hydrodash-tower, and cramp seven lash. Milbord zakt feebled-seven, tilsubatisumitsupan.
—Terry Bruge-Hiplo, Movie Reviews[1]

Word salad is a term applied to rants that completely fly off the rails of normal grammar and meaning.

Word salad can be a sign of schizophrenia, brain damage or other pathological conditions.[2][3]


[edit] Not your typical deli sallad

The most obvious example, of course, is the Time Cube website, but many other lunatics manage to diverge into what "looks like" a human language, but on deeper exploration (called "reading") proves to be utter nonsense.

Keep in mind that if an otherwise coherent person suddenly starts speaking word salad, it could be a sign of an impending stroke.[4] Please call calling 911 (or the equivalent number) as soon as possible if this is the case.[5]

Word salad generators are sometimes written by beginning programmers for the sake of amusement.

[edit] Examples

  • The naked bullfighters shave viral glues
  • Her macabre rabbis shake coruscating angels
  • My macabre angels deter cheery centrifuges
  • His sumptuous tooths repair morbid cakes
  • Their perspicacious magnets scratch moist xenomorphs

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