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Edit conflict! ^_^

*bzzt*break two-one, that you Jellyfish? This is teh Squirrel. Edit conflict yerself.
anyway, tomorrow. Funny CP spoof. Not right just this minute. Down and on the side, we gone.
Affirmative. Will edit conflict you tomorrow.
By the way, Human said he put anthrax on your walkie talkie. It's probably fine, though.
Well you tell that Human I hear he's yer good buddy and he's prolly one o'them three-legged beavers. That's a negatory on the walkie talkie, runnin' a footwarmer here, you sound like yer runnin' barefoot?
Beavers? Footwarmers?? Barefoot???
*consults sparse memories of CB language*
Er... how many yer burning?
So many that Uncle Foxtrot Charlie Charlie don't wanna know. Got a case of white line fever right about now so we gonna pull over and cut some z's at the next rest-em-up place, catch ya on teh flip-flop, we gone. Squirrel 10-7.
Two things:
1. I don't actually remember what that question means.
2. WP tells me that UFCC is the United Farmers Co-operative Company.
Interesting... (And I didn't understand anything after "white line fever". You meanie)
Four wheelers.... who think they are truckers.
This that three-legged beaver we was talkin' about? Driver, you wouldn't know a four wheeler if that bucket of bolts yer drivin' broke down at teh choke'n'puke
Duck boys, bear on the horizon! Take it down good buddy.
I may be yer buddy but I ain't yer "good" buddy driver. Anyways better get out of teh hammer lane cuz that bear is lookin' at you.
Good buddy only applies over CB, in person, it means your teh ghey. So get over it.
It means the same thing on CB..also, doing the ~~~~ thing is not appropriate for teh CB, but going 10-7 before Uncle Foxtrot Charlie Charlie triangulates where this not-entirely-barefoot signal is coming from is. We gone, 10-7 fer real this time.
Breaker breaker 1-9, what's your 20? The bear is over the hill, repeat, over the hill, let's get this convoy rolling!

Break, break. Anyone out there in CB land got yer ears on?

Nobody out there huh? Catch you on the flip-flop. 10-7, we gone.