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September 2007[edit]

  • Accepting gay men and women as equals impinges upon religious liberty: the liberty to discriminate. Just ask Conservapedia.
  • TK proves himself an idiot idioms can be tricky, with The old saying, "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you." [1]. Update pwn3d again. Update not to be outdone [2][3]
  • A day that will live in infamy, as "Samwell," whom Andy had generously given blocking privileges, turns out to be a RationalWiki user and blocks nearly all administrators (!). The account was "auctioned off" to the highest bidder in the first RationalWiki fundraising auction. The winning bid - $10π.
  • How many "12 Disciples" were there anyway?
  • Not necessarily a September development, but cp:Special:Recentchanges now carries the text "Our upcoming course on the Supreme Court is going to increase that to about 3000 entries, as Conservapedia becomes the leading online free constitutional law resource. Help us by adding decisions of interest to you!" (Emphasis not in original). Of course the reason the number has to increase is that students will have to create new articles in order to get any "points" (and points mean prizes).
  • A bright star of a man sees the truth, and is banned for it.
  • Women are, quite simply, less important and generally inferior, although there's just a few little exceptions to prove the rule.
  • Tims makes a change to his user page to make it colorful. TK, for some unknown reason, doesn't like it. After an exchange, TK calls Tims a "nasty little snot," and says Tims is snivelling. Tims calls TK "sophomoric." Ed blocks Tims for calling TK sophomoric. No mention of the "nasty little snot" comment. [4] Meanwhile, Andy, copy and paster extraordinaire himself (and chief of his own sysop army of copy pasters), implies that Tims wrongly copied material. [5]