Debate:Does God accept gay/trans people if they are faithful?

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I go to a Catholic school, and with nearly every discussion of marriage/modern society/Western culture it's mentioned that being gay is bad, and being trans is stupid and wrong, or some (albeit more eloquent) version of that. I myself am bi and non-binary, and some of my friends at this school are gay/nb/etc. I'm not an atheist purely because of my identity, but it is something of a factor in my turn from religion and it goes without saying that these attitudes greatly alienate me and further drive me away. However, I know that in some Protestant denominations, gay relationships or trans people are more widely accepted, which makes me wonder what the truth is.

If one side of a religion says you aren't accepted in its god's eyes, and the other side does, then which is correct? My belief is that God doesn't really care for the details of you as a person, i.e. your identity; as long as you are faithful, you will be taken into heaven. What do you think? TheJakeHolmesVersion (talk) 20:18, 3 May 2021 (UTC)

The majority of people on this site are atheists, so asking a question about what God thinks is a bit of a non-starter. For Christianity in general, all we’ve really got to go on is the Bible. Homosexuality is condemned pretty explicitly, transgender people not so much as the concept as we understand it didn’t exist, but there is condemnation of cross-dressing.
People often cite various Bible verses about forgiveness in these discussions, but to be forgiven for you sins you must be repentant and try to resist the temptation to sin again. If you believe the Bible, God only accepts gay/trans people who don’t accept themselves.
Of course if you’re a Catholic you’ve also got to listen to the Pope, who appears to be more accepting of homosexuality at least. Less positive on trans issues: against gender transition but has said trans people shouldn’t be turned away from the church, the same “we accept you because we accept everyone, but we still think your identity is inherently sinful” as the Bible. Christopher (talk) 20:58, 3 May 2021 (UTC)