Debate:Does the American education system need reform?

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Does the American education system need reform?- Josh "Twufee the Wondermoose" Gold


I believe that the benefits of American education are far too few. The huge problem in my opinion is how school doesn't instill a love of learning. A great deal of children in school lack a love of learning and instead are bored and unintelligent,and instead of discuassing the joys of the cell theory, evolution, or political science,choose to converse about such drivel as the radical dress conformist A chose to wear to a conformist gathering, in which other conformists were shocked, in an institution we made to help them acquire knowledge. As you see in the grown up world, these bored, unintelligent children grow up to impact this society negatively, some conservative politicians, such as H.W. Shruby, or Ronald "facts are stupid" Reagan even get elected into public office! If education systems show how wonderful knowledge is, and show how it can change the world, and stop focusing on acing tests, maybe we will have a populous who wishes to innovate for politics (hopefully liberal), the arts, and for science (NOT PSEUDOSCIENCE). I encourage all to offer opinions on this matter whether you believe the American education system to be flawless, or you are more akin to me, and wish to improve it. — Unsigned, by: Theindiekid / talk / contribs 2013-03-07T02:37:09

I believe the american school system at a grade and high school level , needs a bomb shoved up its rectum and exploded. Then start over with some sane people making decisions. This method of local boards influencing what is taught does not seem to work. In places the sciences are in danger of becoming religious instruction classes. From the statistics 50% of 8th graders cant read or do maths at an 8th grade level. Just my 2c. Hamster (talk) 05:49, 7 March 2013 (UTC)