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In general, balancing your viewpoint with the opposing side is a rational, stable, non-extreme way of thinking. I will agree that you cannot possibly achieve perfectly "fair" coverage, however allowing extreme points of view without balance seems to have been damaging to the public. It allows people with atypical interests, that do not reflect the views of most people, to push their own personal agenda forward, and also perhaps give the impression that a large group of people also agree with their extreme views. Some requirement of balance is good because it forces you to be mindful of the other people you share the airwaves with, and as long as we are mindful of our effect on others, we will have a happier society.

However, the fairness doctrine leads to idiocy like giving creationists, climate change deniers, flat earthers, and assorted other cranks equal time. Allowing them on news show implies that their argument has equal standing and credibility with real science. Sometimes there are not two valid sides to an argument. There is correct, and there is incorrect.