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The real issue here is your demonisation of basement-dwellers. In many cultures it is perfectly acceptable to live with your parents into adulthood. I would say that you have only been exposed to a small group of basement-dwellers. I personally don't agree with playing a minimum of 16 hours of World of Warcraft a day - as I know many other basement-dwellers do. I also have many girlfriends, and often go to parties where I interact with people. My experience is that all that partying and getting out "in the sun" means less time for introspection and critical thought - I also didn't like it that I was forced to drink beer rather than red-bull or mother at social gatherings. Many of us fear that is children continue to be put under such a system, that we will have more illogical and ignorant people in the world. It is because of this support for the creative arts that I play 12-16 hours of computer a day, in my basement. Not everything is so simple; please don't try to paint everybody who lives in a basement, with no income, and plays non-stop computer as a "basement-dweller". Tielec01 (talk) 05:22, 19 June 2014 (UTC)