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Edwin Mellen Press is an exceedingly dubious academic press, famous amongst university librarians for publishing works of second-class scholarship.[1] It made itself even more famous as a dubious publisher when, in late 2012, it brought a defamation suit for $3 million against a university librarian who criticised it on their blog.[2][3][4]

Another thing they were upset about was a commenter on the blog post who said they were Scientologists. This claim is indeed absolutely false. They're actually Moonies.[5]

Their business model is to sell books of mediocre scholarship at stupendous markups to a perceived captive market of librarians, which is why they are quite so upset at a librarian calling them out.

"We do not know why the criticism persists," says the publisher in their newsletter, "but this problem has gone on for some time and has done a great deal of damage." Indeed.

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