Essay:A Brief Note on Ron Paul supporters

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I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Ron Paul, especially from people around my age. They are absolutely devoted to him, to a degree where it is positively frightening. I don’t think Obama had this much support when he was running the first time around!

It scares me because they do not seem to think he is capable of any wrong doing. None. The Ron Paul (whatever descriptor) Reports? Written by some hack, or written by someone to defame Paul, or the rare “yes but he’s changed his views now he’s totally not against black people at all!!!”. His not-so-libertarianism? Well sure, he supports a small federal government keeping out of people’s lives… but he thinks it is totally okay to let the state government get right in there instead. They do not see this, it seems.

In their world, Ron Paul will create a City on a Hill. We shall no longer go to war, and everyone will have their weed (in states where applicable). Natural remedies shall abound, and Big Pharma will be a thing of the past. We will base our currency on the forever valuable gold. Ron Paul is the answer to all of our country’s ills. He is untouchable, infalliable, and the panacea to our suffering.

Maybe I am paranoid. Maybe the man has changed, even if I do not agree with his views. But his followers are in a fervor, whipped into a frenzy to convert people to their beliefs and to scorn those who do not understand his ways. They ask no questions because they have none for him. This is fine, we all know how well things work when we do not question our leaders, don’t we?