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Essay:A Joking and Likely Utterly Foolish Simplification Of A Paradox Using a Popular Meme

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Assume there is a cake. Assume this cake is a lie. There is no proof of there having ever been a cake, so therefore there must be no cake. But what if there was a cake, and the words 'the cake is a lie' were false? You must question the genuineness of the statement and consider the possibility there may, in fact, be a cake. You cannot tell if there is a cake unless you search for it, but you cannot search for it unless you are certain that there is a cake. You are not certain that there is a cake unless you search for it. This is a form of paradox (or laziness), one in which we are doubtful of a statement and yet unable(or unwilling) to take initiative to discover the truth ourselves. Unfortunately we do not have a catchy song to sit through and wait for the answer.

So, is there a cake? Or is there none and we have merely deluded ourselves into a state of confusion? Perhaps we did, perhaps not. Either way there is no proof, or reliable proof. Just because something is not in front of you doesn't mean it does not exist, after all. Indeed, the very cake you sought may just be a little the the left along with presents and balloons because happy birthday! At the same time, it is entirely possible there is no cake at all and you are just a fat hungry person who needs to stop looking around for sweets and instead get on a treadmill.