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Behold, I have turned my name blue!

This User may or may not exist, being simply words on a computer screen. It could be assumed that Hollow World is not what it says what it is, or that it is. You would never know unless Hollow World told you, but if Hollow World was lying how would you know?

Hollow World is actually a reference to a Johnny Hollow song, a guilty pleasure indeed!

You can call me Hollow. I like marzipan, chocolate, Miyazaki movies, philosophy, carbonated pink lemonade, pretty pictures, and writing ridiculous stories. I also like developing said ridiculous stories. I also want a pet hedgehog, I'll name him Lemony Snicket.

Long Live the Revolution!
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What the hell is this.[edit]

August 4, 1832

We arrived in Petal to-day, the library is quite impressive for a small town. Johnathan smiled for the first time since we left Boston when we laid eyes upon it. Fredrick met us on its steps and helped us move the books we had brought on our journey.

The inside was large and spacious, with a great many shelves for the books. There are stairs to second floor, full of yet more books, windows as well to look at the rolling green ocean of trees around us. We left outside a door in the back and on this path to some meadows and this large lovely pond called William's Rest, before following the path right back to Petal.

It is quite beautiful, as you can tell.

After, we both went forward to other places within the town. The butcher is a kindly man, the baker as well. The resident tailor shop is full of delightful young women my age!

There are two churches, the Methodist Church and the Sanguine Cross of the Savior. The Sanguine Cross of the Savior, was the original founding church in Petal. The Methodist Church is not even ten yet. The women of the Sanguine Cross of the Savior are quiet and dress in dark tones, as if in constant mourning for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The men are not restrained to such, and seem much more social. Johnathan is out side talking to three of them, they are laughing about the weather in Boston. That is really all I have to say for to-night. Good bye, dear book, until next time.