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One of atheists' gravest mistakes when speaking about God, the true God, is that they bundle God along with His limited creation, as though He is subject to it's environment, it's Laws and it's entanglements. They devise invalid situations and conclusions which do not and cannot apply to a God infinitely higher than what their deranged and minuscule minds can conceive of.

Here is one blasphemous mistake atheists incessantly make. God's benevolence should be a panacea against all forms of maladies and injuries inflicted upon mankind. But since man still suffers, God is either void of goodness or God does not exist.

Atheists consider this proposition to be a very potent defense for their stance against the existence of God. This strategy works too on a lot of people's conscience, because for all their troubles and problems, they are ready to blame anyone except themselves. Atheists seek to make them blame God for their troubles. But actually this statement condemns atheists . Let's show why.

The Facts[edit]

1. God is God. God is good. Do not judge God unless you are over God. If you think you are greater than God, you think you ARE God. But since you are NOT God, quit judging God as though you are greater than God.

2. Go and learn what it means to be God. Being God means being higher and greater than ALL things. This means nothing is over you. Since nothing is over you, then this means no one can judge you to be wrong, because there exist no law over you by which you can be judged. God has no one over Him. He is over everyone else. There is no law over God. If there was a law over God, that law would be greater than God. A real law also has its penalties and rewards intact. Thus if God broke the law you say is over Him, who is there to punish Him? If He kept the law you say is over Him, who is there to reward Him?

3. With no law over God, there is no basis by which to say He is wrong. If we say He is wrong, we must cite a law which He is under that He violated. Is God under the United States constitution? God existed before the constitution. Is God under the Ten Commandments? God existed before the Ten Commandments. Besides, didn't God write the Ten Commandments? How can He place Himself under a law? Why would He even want to do so? It's crazy to think about it.

4. You may say, "With no law over God, there is no basis by which to say He is right either." Wrong. He is right because He abides by Himself. He perfectly obeys His Will. His will therefore becomes in human terms, His law. Unto His will, He is a blameless and perfect adherent.

5. Since we have proven God is not under any law, we have dismantled any argument against Him. Any argument against Him must have the bulwarks of a law greater than Him. Again, the Ten Commandments, which say love your neighbor as yourself, is not a law applicable to God, because the Ten Commandments are not greater than God, since they were derived from Him, and He existed before them.

6. THEREFORE GOD DOES NOT HAVE TO LOVE YOU. And He does not love everyone. You are His. He is not yours, so that He has to be in subjection to you. Just as Ford Motor company can make a truck and then take it and crash it in a test, God can make a person for destruction. God is wrong for allowing this person to die? It is an understatement then, to say that it is also wrong for Ford to damage one of it's vehicles in a crash test. Can't condemn Ford? Infinitely more then, don't condemn God.

7. Many atheists say then, "It is wrong for me to take a stick and strike a person dead with it. It is wrong for me to give a person cancer. Why then is it not wrong for God to give a person cancer?" This is a very foolish question and it reveals oversight rife of the ignorance about the character of what it means to be God. If God creates something, are you foolish enough to criticize Him for allowing it to proceed in the abnormal? He didn't have to make it in the first place! But if YOU go and give a person cancer, can you instantly take it away? Is that person YOURS so that you can do as you please with him or her? NO. So you have to respect their life, and their health. Besides, all of mankind is under the Ten Commandments divinely, and the Ten Commandments are the laws over mankind. And yes, their is One ready to punish us as soon as we violate the Ten Commandments.

8. If you still do not want to recognize that God has the power and right to heal and kill, you have not become cognizant with the true God whom Christians say exist. Until you recognize Him, never argue about His existence. Of course, a god who doesn't have these authorities and unequivocal powers yet acclaims authority over everything, DOES NOT EXIST. Get to learn the TRUE God.

9. If you still want to consider God a villain for allowing people to contract maladies and to die, then consider this. Are you an advocate for abortion? If you are, you are person rife of contradictions. You consider it legitimate and beyond the rightful fanfare of society for a woman to make her own decisions for what you term, "her own body". In your contorted sight, she can cease the existence of the fetus in her, since, in your words, "it's part of her own body". Why is it that you bestow so many rights and freedoms for the woman but bereave your mind of such rights pertaining to God? If a woman has the right to kill the baby sustained in her (she does not, but let's consider it for the sake of argument), much more does God who actually created the baby AND the woman have a right to take the life of either or both. Although a woman does not even have the right to terminate the separate entity sustained in her, atheists are more willing to provide her with life and death rights over the entity, than they are willing to give to God. This again shows their malevolent hatred for God. For atheists who say they do not patronize abortion, they still have a stronger repugnance against God than they have for abortion, even though abortion has no true justification.

10. Atheists have been duped by false Christians into thinking that God loves everyone. Atheists then conclude that if God loves everyone, yet people suffer, then God is either not powerful enough to impede the sufferings of mankind, or God does not exist. Guess what? The premise is faulty. This atheistic reasoning is an example of a flawed logic stemming from a faulty premise. If the premise was true, or in other words, if God DID love everyone, their logic would flow with reality, but since God does NOT love everyone, all conclusions based on the lie that He loves everyone becomes void, if not blasphemous. GOD DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE. Proof that God does not love everyone has already been stated. SINCE God exist, and SINCE people suffer and go to hell, and SINCE God can obstruct all maladies, and SINCE God can send everyone to heaven, then we KNOW that God DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE. Some people God wishes to demonstrate His wrath on, and He willfully reserves them for troubles and ultimately for hell.

11. Atheists are extremely immature thinkers, and they reveal they have never understood the God true Christians say exist. Atheists think of God as one bound by the problems and limitations of this world. No, God is not bound by gravity. Thus the stupid questions atheists ask about God in pertaining to colossal weights (a rock too heavy for God to lift) are all void, and do not apply in the realm of God. Statements about God drawing a square circle are also situations which cannot apply to God. Circles, squares, and other figures are limited realities of THIS world, but do not apply to God who is infinitely higher.

12. One very stupid and insane idea atheists propagate is that God cannot be all powerful, if He lacks the power to sin. This idea itself is a counterexample to the idea that atheists are wise people. God's lack of the power to sin is not an inability nor weakness. Sin does not and CANNOT apply to God. God is infinitely higher than sin. Sin is something which does not exist in realm of God. Sin applies only to man and to angels. Sin applies to creatures who are under a law by which they can be judged either right or wrong by. Since no law is over God, the idea of sin is null in the realm of God.

13. A man smokes, and after 30 years of smoking, he is diagnosed with lung cancer. The atheist comes in and says, "Why did God allow this man to get cancer? Since God is good and does good things, and since He is all powerful, why didn't He prevent this man from getting cancer?" Again this statement from many atheists is actually a statement against themselves. Such a statement shows a hatred for God and not for sin. A person who smokes and contracts cancer consequentially suffers JUSTLY. Don't blame God for the person's problem but instead the person who sinned (smoking is a sin). Smoking is a sin because it harms both the smoker and other innocent people who breathe the smoke, and thus violates the love for ourselves and others. God has told us to refrain from sinning. But if we go ahead and sin, saying "God does not exist anyway." and then get some type of disease or sickness as a result, are we justified to say, "Why did a good God allow this to happen to me?" You sinned just like He told you not to didn't you? Why blame God? Why not blame the atheistic spirit which spurred you to disregard God's command? The point here is that for many of the maladies and problems atheists look at God as a villain for, are actually problems an atheistic, no-god-no-rule spirit caused. If all of mankind did what was right, many sicknesses would not even exist, and those that did would be a score less frequent.

14. What about pure accidents? Suppose a school bus full of innocent children blows up. Blame God now and say God does not exist since He allowed so many children to die? NO! God has a right to do whatever He pleases. But another important thing to consider. Problems exist in this world because of the original sin, the sin Adam committed in disobeying God. When Adam disregarded God's command not to eat of the forbidden tree, Adam acted atheistic. Adam did not see God at the time and God wasn't there in the garden (corporally). Besides, if God existed, He would not have even allowed the serpent to tempt Eve, right atheist? So Adam ate and disobeyed God. After eating he may have tried to maintain in his mind that God was on a journey, didn't see what he did, had forgotten what He said, or perhaps God no longer existed in the first place. Whatever Adam's thoughts were, they were not right, because Adam had become a slave to satan, as all atheists today are also slaves of. By Adam acting atheistic in the first place, this is what caused all the trouble atheists try to blame God for today. Atheists, blame YOURSELVES.

More facts[edit]

The world's largest antagonistic against adultery, pornography, murder, blasphemy, children who curse their parents, cruelty, abortion, homosexuality, incest, rape, theft, the devaluation of human life, vanity, the chicanery of science, evolution, atheism, violence in schools, fornication, and all other forms of evil is CHRISTIANITY. Since atheists are perpetrators and intemperate indulgers in every one of the evils listed above, they are vehement against CHRISTIANITY since it's promulgation means a termination of their freedom to commit such acts. Look on the web, on atheist sites and you will find a form of ALL the evils listed above; - they have obscene pictures, condone homosexuals; - everything nasty. For their insatiable appetite for such crimes in God's sight, they view the teaching of the Bible as narrow-mindedness and intolerable simply because it acts as an immunity against the dirty dumb deeds of profanity. Yes, the Biblical teaching imbued in people's mind often does limit their range of sinfulness, and it does narrow one's life down to a life of purity, civility and morality. As for the broad spectrum of sin , ugly promiscuity of wickedness, and the rampant deviation from rectitude of what is labeled as free-thought, true Christianity is a winning foe against such, and for this reason, Christianity has been labeled as NARROW-MINDEDNESS. In the history of Christianity, virtual atheists have taken on the profession of Christianity, and under it's name, have shocked the world for violence, cruelty and profanity. Often this was done because Christianity had recognizable emotional potency and respect, and thus they usurped it's civility as a persuasion and justification tool for their actions. However, this was not true Christianity. True Christianity is an opponent against all evils. Atheists blindly link Christianity into all the filth of HEATHENS, simply because the HEATHENS uttered the words, "I am a Christian." Would it be true atheism to blame if I were to bear the title , "Avowed Positivist Atheist" and in that name bombed the world? Well, yes, because insatiable violence is the innate tendency of atheism. But as for Christianity, personally killing everyone in the world would be a violation of it's inherent commandment, "Love thy worthy neighbor as thyself."

In other instances, worthless villains and trouble-breeders who were atheist in action, but not always in name, were RIGHTLY punished by Christianity. This punishment could have been social repugnance, incarceration, or death. In such cases where villains received the due penalty of their error, the dirty sympathy of fellow atheists (who are villains and trouble-breeders) unjustly earned Christianity an ugly name. This is what is expected, and we can assure ourselves, whenever CRIMINALS call something a bad name out of their criminality and bestow upon it stigma based on it's opposition to their immorality, we can be confident that it is truly a good thing and a thing worthy of high esteem. Christianity is considered wrong simply because atheists in their immorality were angered by it, not because it truly yielded unworthy fruit.

Atheism is evil and bad[edit]

If you are an atheist, you are already visiting this page with bias hatred. Remember, since you call yourself "scientific" you must approach all statements on this site with the attitude that any statement can true and should not be rejected unless scientific analysis proves beyond doubt that any statement is false. But then you still must remember that since "there is no set truth" , none of these statements on this site can be esteemed as wrong. I am just following your own beliefs okay?

Why atheism?[edit]

In case you wonder why I speak against atheism (only the truly ignorant does) then here is the reason: No one dying in atheism will go to heaven, no set of moral codes have been saved due to atheism, and because atheism is based on lies formulated for those full of God-hate. These reasons are not ramblings of opinions. Most of them have been stated by atheists themselves. Atheists say atheism isn't about morality. They try to say atheism is amoral, which of course is another immoral lie characteristic of atheism.

Origin of atheism[edit]

A realization of atheism's origin elucidates the principles it stands behind. Atheists are unable to pinpoint a specific character in history who first initiated atheism, and that's simply because atheism did not start with a human. Atheism came from the creature who had the deepest hatred for God and with the keenest knowledge of God's existence. In fact, this knowledge of God's existence coupled with this hatred is the basis behind contemporary atheism. Atheism is both a murder statement towards God and an illusive source of comfort since this murder of God is impossible. As you may have already guessed, satan was the first to step in the mire of atheism. Satan, who of course hates God, wants to destroy God. But finding this destruction impossible, he uses the deception that God doesn't exist to soothe his inability. Satan, being cognizant of the terrible punishments that await him, continues his punishable deeds on the deception that the One who will punish him doesn't exist. Since satan wants to make mankind more comfortable in performing deeds God will punish them for, satan, likewise feeds them the deception that God doesn't exist. This is his tactic to make them feel more free to practice the evil deeds they will be punished for. The humans that fall for this deception are always the ones who have a more satanic hatred for God.

The goal of atheism[edit]

Understanding the origin of atheism basically self-explicates it's goals. In more practical terms, here in America atheism acts as a crutch for those who oppose Christianity. Atheism helps confound professing Christians with questions like, "How do you know God exist?", while it, in full knowledge of God, destroys the works of God and of Christianity. Atheists also seek to elude clear linkage with the devil, by also claiming he doesn't exist. Atheism is not about the ignorance of God's existence (no such ignorance exist), but is about ignoring God's existence. As long as atheists can keep trying to make lack of knowledge of God their foundation, they can quickly work to destroy Christians' foundation based on God, without having to buffer themselves from the attacks Christians would make if they (atheists) acknowledged God. In other words, while the "Christian" is scratching his head for an answer on "Prove God exist", atheists, in full knowledge of God, go and destroy the works of Christianity and supplant it with satanism.

Can atheists lead moral lives?[edit]

Atheists are indeed immoral. While one person may chose to act immorally by robbing banks, another may act more immorally by initiating evolution. Atheists think they live morally, since they don't end up in prisons, but this is simply because atheists have made laws which exclude most criminal acts of atheists from the penalty of incarceration.

Hey, my friend is an atheist[edit]

That's a sign that the devil is trying to get you hooked on his satanic spirit. God tells Christians not to be unequal to yoke with unbelievers and being friends with atheists is a prime way to disobey that command. By all means get away from atheists, -assuming of course, you told them straight they are wrong and shouldn't be accepted. When you trail the path of atheism, you travel a suicidal path, because the God atheists deny will punish them forever. No matter how nice atheists seem, keep in mind, if you saw satan, you would see no person nicer.

But atheists don't realize God exist[edit]

All atheists know God exist. They frequent God's name in conversations. Psalms 14:1 says, "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God." It does not say, "The ignorant has said in his heart..." nor "The who doesn't realize..." nor "The one who needs proof has said in his heart there is no God." Also in Romans 1:19-21, we read that everyone knows God exists.

How do you know they hate God[edit]

Atheists clearly exhibit a contorted and deep hatred for God which everyone aware of atheism are familiar with. They will call God all types of names, and tell a lot of lies on God. No one can ever do any such things to someone they loved, nor to a fictitious character.

I do not appreciate you speaking against atheists[edit]

If you are an atheist, of course you do not. If you do not call yourself an atheist, you definitely have pitiful sympathy for their terrible and dangerous acts they commit against God. If you call yourself a Christian, you have only proven that your profession is nominal, and that you are in the same bout atheists are in. I am not committed to appreciating people. Please God, and God alone. The pleasing of whoever among man becomes whom you please when you please God.

You don't understand atheists[edit]

There is no stereotyping of atheists here. All atheists are bad, have a desire to make people negate their obligation to the laws of God, and work toward the moral destruction of a nation. These factors alone are more than enough to incriminate the atheist element. It would be best for you yourself to go and be sure YOU understand atheism. I have spoke with many atheists, I am not afraid of them, I haven't been shot by one. What both you and I ARE harmed from are the dangerous workings of atheism, which is killing babies, freeing criminals and establishing anti-God deception. This is the characteristic of atheism. If atheists were people who ONLY felt God did not exist, they wouldn't also been known as people who seek to remove the Bible from children, and who extract moral instances out of government and from the world community.

But atheists have the right to be atheists[edit]

By who? Did man give atheists the right to be atheists? The USA constitution did? What is that? Who are the founding fathers? What makes their decision to give atheism the right of expression right? Nobody worth anything gave atheism the right to existence. All that could give atheists the right to existence is faulty man who is continually in sin. Since atheists don't say satan exist, they must be saying they got their right to existence from some men who lived some 200 years ago. What makes those men so special and universally right? As you can see, there is no exalted nor great entity which provides atheism with a right to existence. But Christians have the Almighty God who gives them the right to be in existence. Atheism has no one that great that can provide them with a right to existence. Since God's decision is the only rightly universal decision, atheism stands by with no truly legal certificate of permission nor a right to subsistence. The right the American constitution gives it is obsolete and holds no right in God's sight. Remember, we will have to render account unto God, not the American constitution on judgment day, - thank God!

Atheism is about proof[edit]

Atheism indeed, reveals it is a crutch for the wicked and weak, as it says it needs proof for the apparent existence of it's adherents' Maker. According to atheists' statements, they show they are some of the most ignorant people on earth in things pertaining to spiritual aspects. They don't realize angels and demons exist. They are even dazzled enough to say that the One who made them doesn't exist. Just like almost every manufacturer stamps it's name or code onto it's product, God has placed the knowledge of Himself in EVERY human. Thus deep down, ALL atheists know God exist. Sitting down trying to provide a formal proof of God's existence to atheists (it can be done) is beneath the knowledge they have of God's existence. Thus atheism is not about proof but about deliberate denial of One they hate.

If God loves everyone, yet someone suffers, He is either powerless, or non-existent[edit]

This statement is a cunningly seemingly potent defense atheists have for rejecting God's existence. But this statement is about like someone being taught that the earth is a man's head, and then rejecting the earth's existence, since, the earth doesn't have growing hair like a head. The fault with this atheistic statement is that God DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE. Thus by them basing their rejection of God on a faulty premise, their rejection becomes null since their premise is already faulty. False Christians indeed do teach that God loves everyone, but such a teaching is absent in the Bible. What we do read in Romans 9:13, "...Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." God does not love everyone. Since God is all powerful, whoever He loves, He saves. If I had a child whom I loved , and I was all powerful, I would keep the child out of all trouble, pain and hardship. But since most people in this world will be sent to hell BY GOD, God illustrates His deep hatred for them. There is no such thing as free will....God has decreed all the bad actions heathens make. Thus heathens go to hell because God doesn't love them, and they accumulate more wrath for themselves from God for each and every personal sin they make. Atheists can think that is unfair and harsh all they want, but we have a verse in scripture for them which they don't understand. In Romans 9: 16, "So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy.", and verse 18, "So then He has mercy on whom He desires and He hardens whom He desires." For God's impersonal hatred and love, we are given verse 19 and 20, "You will say to me then, "Why does He still find fault? For who resists His will? On the contrary, WHO ARE YOU O MAN WHO ANSWERS BACK TO GOD? The thing molded will not say to the molder, "Why did you make me like this," will it?" So we have no reason to question God for saving some and punishing others. God is definitely capable of saving everyone, but He does NOT WANT TO. Period. He is God, we all belong to Him, we have no right to question God. Like it or not. Basing your rejection of God on false Christian's statements about God is a very frail and impotent method for advocating your rejection. Atheists really don't know who God is, although they know He exist. God is unlike humans. He doesn't have to rush, change His mind nor appease measly humans. Once humans are able to see their utter nothingness, and minute existence in caparison to the expansive and tremendous powerful of God, they should then see that God is not beholding to humans, nor obliged to favor them. He is God and His will is His way, regardless of whether we like it or not. We should never encourage others in a sentiment against God. Atheists always encourage others against God, and this is the reason I stand so contrary to them.

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