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Essay:Bill O'Reilly

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The creator of the "No Spin Zone" on The O'Reilly Factor. Cable news pundit. Right-wing blowhard. These all describe Bill O'Reilly, the pundit. Like his fellow pundits, O'Reilly is a biased man with extreme points of view and intolerance. He often explodes on his TV show with guests he disagrees with.

He was a "bold, fresh piece of humanity" according to his memoir of the same name. He was a misbehaved kid in his Catholic school. Surprising, isn't it? He was a high school teacher before going into news. Your typical no-nonsense teacher. Enough of his early life.

He worked at several local news stations in investigative reporting. He even worked at "liberal" ABC News he now criticizes on The Factor. He removed all credibility by working for tabaloid program Inside Edition. He claimed it was "a credible news show". Really, Bill?

Oh, The Factor. His own Fox News show. He bullies his guests with opposing viewpoints when he feels like it. And the interrupting. My goodness, the interrupting! As a tactic, he interrupts his viewers and cuts off their microphones. Half his show sure isn't news! Propaganda, spin (ironic, isn't it?), pop culture (probably since Bill worked in Inside Edition, hate and oh so much more!

In my opinion, Bill is a bully, jerk and a coward. I hope you enjoyed my extremely pithy essay on my personal opinion of this man.