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Under relativism, there is only one criterion by which we can say if something is moral or immoral. It goes something like this: Everything that takes place between two fully grown persons, if it is done willingly and without being forced and harms no one else, is moral. There is no higher criterion than that.

Such definition of morality is heavily used in debates about homosexuality. Honestly, I think that this definition is a brilliant idea. But why stop at homosexuality? Surely equity demands that everything else that meets this criterion should also be legal and held to be fully moral by all rational people. Polygamous "couples" should have as much legal rights as everyone else - determining the number of people who can marry each other is obviously arbitrary. Slavery should be legal, if someone honestly wants to sell himself/herself to be a slave. All kind of drugs should be fully legalized - everyone can decide for themselves. Selling your organs is a very good idea also.

There is nothing wrong with zoophilia. An animal can't express its desire to have sex with a human being, but just having sex is clearly not torturing (it might be even possible to prove that it is pleasurable for the animal), and if we allow to kill them and imprison them (all the zoos and farms etc) then having sex is clearly no worse. Every man should have the right to marry his favorite chicken.

Necrophilia is no different. As soon as someone dies he ceases to exist at all, dead bodies are more like things and there is no question to be asked about the morality of having sex with dead body.

Cannibalism, just like homosexuality, has always existed. It was quite common amongst early human beings and is very common amongst other animals, therefore there can't be something inherently wrong with it, it's just the society that has made us think so. Eating a dead human body (even if the human being didn't give his permission before dying; after death the body becomes just a thing without any rights) clearly doesn't harm anyone. Actually many people even ask to be eaten after death - who are we to judge the morality of such action? And all the unnecessary body parts that are no use after operations - we could open a whole restaurant, they actually already opened one in Berlin. Very progressive, very ethical!