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Essay:Conservatives Should Re-Write Reality

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Thats right, you heard me correctly. At present there is no fully conservative version of reality that satisfys these requirments (that i made up)
Frame work against liberal bias providing a strong framework for thought for thought translation
Not emasculated remove any and all instances of women being equal or superior to men. Ensure they all are weak willed, unintelligent, and mindlessly obedient housewives who pump out babies
Not complicated remove anything we as conservatives are unable to understand. If it is not known, goddidit should suffice and that is that
Makes everyone believe trickle down economics work That way those of use with money can continue to get richer while we push the poor deeper and deeper into poverty
Excludes un-authentic Ideas like equality, peace, honesty and intelligence
Remove Any Instance of Someone we Disagree with Doing Well These peoples include, but are not limited to, liberals, homosexuals, public school students, non-christians, atheists, and Charles Darwin
Enforce Doublethink Because Castro can be dead and alive at the same time, the bible can be the infalible word of god and have liberal bias, and Andy Schlafly can go to Harvard Law and have no knowledge of the legal system what so ever
Ignore Science That Dosn't Support YEC Including, but not limited to, Astronomy, biology, chemistry, climatology, dermatology, evolution, geology, hematology, icthyology, thermodynamics, physics...

Benefits Include[edit]

Control over peoples lives, which is priceless
Opressing minorities, which is valuable
eliminating the differences between reality and our world view

How Long Will it Take?[edit]

Given that conservative insights increase at an exponentials rate (in accordance with conservapedia's law) all we really need to do is sit back and wait. Soon all the filthy liberal will be dead like Fidel Castro.

They must be stopped[edit]

Filthy liberals like Fidel Castro, through living, continue to push their "accurate" world view on our children. Do you really want your child to be a healthy, happy, informed atheist? Help our cause to keep american children at the lowest educational level in the world