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It became clear to me that Richard Dawkins has wasted his scientific career. No I am not talking about his atheism... I believe that militant atheism has destroyed his legacy... but he has wasted his scientific career on a MEANINGLESS TOPIC... Proving evolution! As an aspiring cardiologist, biology is very close to me. Richard Dawkins is an ethologist and a biologist. I have never seen any papers or lectures by him (even in the early stages) which did not come back to the EXACT SAME, MEANINGLESS TOPIC... genius of Charles Darwin, beauty of natural selection. Don't dare deny it. You have felt the same exact way!!!!!!!!!! Evolution is a meaningless topic. How can a biologist dedicate his whole scientific career to a single thing? Are there any evolution specialties in biology where that's the only thing you have to know? He could have written on any useful topic... He chose the MOST MEANINGLESS one... agree or disagree? Why? ThanksKingdamian1 (talk) 04:51, 20 July 2017 (UTC)