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Essay:Gendered insults aren't so bad because...

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Some time ago on the talk page for Ayn Rand, there was some discussion over the use of the word cunt to describe her. And let's be honest, we shouldn't complain about gendered insults, because the English language lacks perfectly good non-gendered insults for egomaniacs and idiots like sociopath, scumbag, fuckwad, fuckup, nitwit, dipshit, asshole, asshat, craniorectal invert, dumbshit, assweasel, lackwit, serial killer apologist, paint chip gourmet, dumbass, hunka hunka burnin stupid, paskudnyak, whiner, wanker, dolt, solipsist, leech, fucknugget, sleaze, unaware winner of Russian roulette, dope, hypocrite, Kool-aid bartender, numbskull, pusbucket, misanthrope, pigfucker, liar, cloudcuckoolander, numbskull, droid, punk, nudnik, hoser, Fox News viewer, zombie, petaQ, asswipe, joojooflop, knuckledragger, five kilos of crap in a two kilo bag, frogfucker, snotflogger, cholera carrier, fuckwaffle, Daily Mail reader, chucklehead, bleach-gargler, Cheeto-intoxicated basement dweller, scurvy knave, cornshit, tire-slashing SUV fucker, Dew-guzzling tweaker, lemon-scented assbomb, no-talent assclown, master choreographer of the charlie foxtrot, asswart, snotrocket, horsefart... you know, nothing like that.