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God is real. The Bible says so. Science says so, believe it or not. Those voices from God around the rings of Saturn? Well they were right about one thing. He does in fact, live off the Earth, but He doesn't live in a Christian concept of heaven.

He lives, on the moon's far side.

This branch of religion, which I will call 'lunar theism', states that God created the moon and then retired there, using Jesus to return to Earth and survey His creation. The Christian concept of Heaven, and indeed, a cultural concept of Heaven as a place where souls go when they die, is not really accounted for.

Heaven as God's home is roughly analogous to the lunar theist belief of (the far side of) the moon as God's home.

Now, many non-believers tend to ask me: If God lives on the moon, then why didn't the Apollo missions (or, for that matter, any unmanned Moon mission) make contact with God?

The answer is, not only does He live on the moon's far side (God tidally locked the moon creating it, so that He could evade human detection, unless it was time for him to send His only begotten Son), just because lunar theists like myself don't believe in a Christian concept of heaven, doesn't mean we don't believe in a Christian concept of God: He is omnipotent, and He can always stop humans from seeing His true form. Even if humans DID find a way to explore the moon's far side, they would not see Him: He would be hiding, but He is not a coward. He simply believes that humans should not see His true form.

So, what do you think?