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Original Conservapedia Article: Homosexual recruitment.


I'm not gay, but what the fuck right do these guys have to tell gay people they can't be gay? (Way to start an essay, I know.)

Looking at the history of the page, it seems to have been largely written by an editor in November 2008 by the name of GeorgeE with a few edits from the Schlaflytron, EdPoor and Jism JZim.

Before I start, this essay is just a paragraph blaming homosexuals for everything. Basically, it reads like a hate speech. Gays are to right-wing fundamentalist Christians what the Jews were to Nazis. Scapegoats. Also, there are a grand total of 1 reference for anything here, so it's basically just a ranting by a bunch of homophobic middle-aged closet cases, as opposed to this essay, which is a ranting by a pissed off 20-something year old liberal twat.


The "Essay"[edit]

"Homosexual recruitment is the active recruitment by homosexuals of youths in primarily heterosexual institutions, seeking to bring them into the homosexual lifestyle. "

Interesting theory. No references though. To demonstrate a point, I've come up with a theory of my own...

"Antelope recruitment is the active recruitment by antelopes of youths in primarily homosapien institutions, seeking to bring them into the antelope lifestyle."

No references here, but Conservapedia doesn't include any either. So by their logic, antelope recruitment could be true.

" Homosexual recruiters will typically prey on depressed and vulnerable heterosexuals and will "council" any troubled heterosexual. The recruiters begin by poisoning the victim's mind with false ideas that paint traditional Christian conservative values in a negative light. "

I don't know what your opinions are on this (whoever the hell you are reading this), but it seems to me that Christians tend to prey on depressed and vulnerable people to try and convert them to Christianity and paint homosexuality in a negative light i.e. this sodding article. I think it's far more likely that the majority of homosexuals went to be left alone to live in peace from homophobic morons like Conservapedians, who, in turn, are the ones trying to convert people and council them by introducing them to a God.

" The recruiters, utilizing deceit and powerful mind-control techniques, make sure that the victim understands that their problems stem from these values. They then offer a solution: become a homosexual. "

This is literally what Conservapedia does, just replace "recruiters" with "Conservapedians", take "these values" to mean "liberal/gay values" and "homosexual" to become "Christian." The fact that it's almost 100% likely that the authors of this essay do not know any gay people nor have ever attempted to properly empathise with any gay people does not help their pathetic case.

"The recruiters then promise that if the victim becomes a homosexual they will be accepted unconditionally, and all their problems will magically disappear, which is, of course, a lie. "

Again, Conservapedia does this exact same thing, yet converting their victims to Christianity. Conservapedia provides no evidence here to support their theory that homosexuals teach "magic disappearance" to problems. Again, I think it's time for another example...

"Antelopes promise that if the homosapien becomes an antelope they will be accepted unconditionally, and all their problems will magically disappear, which is, of course, a lie."

Now, I think it's very unlikely that antelopes are currently trying to recruit anyone to accept an antelope lifestyle - there's no organisation run by antelopes to support antelope causes (only earth-luvin' liberals who think antelope's and other animals need protecting), and so they're probably not trying to indoctrinate humans on a widespread level to accept antelope-ism. Likewise, there's no widespread organisations for homosexual indoctrination. Sure, there are ones which support the idea that homosexuals should have equal rights to heterosexual white American men, and why shouldn't they? Homophobes just use homosexuals as a scapegoat to preserve their own position.

Yeah, that's right. No fuckin' evidence, but that's my theory.

"While some have known for many years that this practice occurs, the first real warnings [1] about this came in the 1960's, with the birth of the homosexual movement. "

The only reference is here under the word "warnings", which links to a video from 1961 urging boys to beware of molesters. I've just watched it and I feel ill that this is what was taught to kids in the 1960s, and that this is what Andy Shithead Schlafly is inflicting on his homeschool class. It confuses homosexual men with child molesters and it refers to gay men as mentally ill. Also - it's not evidence! It's one of those typical 1960s films with a white man narrating it with actors pretending to be rape victims and paedophiles. The first kid is even called Jimmy. So it's not evidence, just an outdated public service announcement.

My Conclusion[edit]

The authors of this essay are dangerously undereducated, and quite frankly it's appalling that homosexual men should be treated with such a negative, medieval attitude. This is the thing that makes my mind boggle: the authors of this thing claim Christianity, a religion which on the surface declares itself a loving and caring ideology. Then you get these right-wing nutters who twist it to work as an excuse for displaying their own homophobic ideals.