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Essay:How special idealised memes could be understood as quantum locking.

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This essay purpose is to explain to the reader that the world we live in as a connected network society can be better understood via the mechanism of the universe. This essay will not try to explain the "purpose power" or the concept of relativity made by Einstein and other celebrated physicists in the earlier parts of Great Century (as I like to call the 20th century). Instead I believe that quantum mechanics is not as down winded and down trodden as many would like to think when it comes to inner workings of atoms and subatomic particles but instead a part of the global "thought of culture". This is crucially important as discussed below.

This world so amazing, so brilliant that its hard to believe that this was all created devoid of anything but quantum thinking and idealised memes.

The concept of thinking as currency[edit]

The world is a big place. Its nearly impossible to understands its complexity, its greatness and its power on the human psyche. In fact most people would try to place the world only on their metaphorical Third Floor. The first two floors of their Thinking Arrangement are more based to personal and illicit and dirty deeds like jealousy and sex for pleasure.

Thus humans do and MUST think the world in a different concept then the what they consider more important. Thus the concept of thinking as currency.

If thinking could be consider like currency, many of the world problems could be better understood and we can use such information for much "good deeds". However the concept of "good deeds" is problematic as it hard to conceptualised this thinking with even the most basic of technology or scientific minds.

Whenever I delve into the world of the human mind, I must confess, its takes me to wild and unfortunate places. For example whenever I think about how the brain is merely a machine, I start thinking "What is this?" meaning what is this society, this brain, this "goodness" that is impartial to every brain. I think, "How can this be understood better or all is this just too hard?!"

However, all of my troubles went away the moment I started thinking of the currency issue. Currency is the method of exchange of value. Value is what we all crave may it be fame, money, wealth, drugs, or sexual activity. However value is not useful by it self. It demands to be exchanged from head to head in a vain attempt to "grab the potential of understanding".

Thinking, I discover, thinking [note 1] is like currency. It demands to be exchanged, to be described, to be desired! Its amazing how much thinking is of the known only understood by economist! Suddenly, every thinking known to humans and maybe also sea slugs (due to reasons I won't get into due to time) is understood via what I will call Currica, impervious and pale.

Breaking out of Newtonian thinking[edit]

This is NOT an example of an special idealised meme. I just add it here due to humour. Humour for example is one of the best forms of thinking.

However, currency is not the best idea on the thinking of humans. Its had a vague "concept of forms" but make its pervious to even the most basic of concertation. Unfortunately, its takes quite a lot of basic (metaphorical of course) crystals of knowledge to even get into. As such I have discovered it takes much more than just absolute continuous values to truly get into the concept of thinking.

Fortunately there is one way that currency and thinking have in common: Planck's value. Every single piece of cosmic information like time, space and spacetime can only be broken so far: Eventually everything gets to a point that they can no longer be subdivided.

Information in the way of both thinking and data can only be subdivided so far. My username 87317 for example cannot be subdivided to any smaller unit, as such it is known as "prime".

Thus the basic unit of information [note 2] is known as special idealised memes. These are not the usual memes known for those who spend time online but special and idealised. Thus, Moby-Dick is a meme but 87317 is a special idealised meme. Every single thought, action and concept we have ever made up in our minds is made up of these basic concepts.

Quantum locking[edit]

When one of these SIMs enter our brains and is encoded of biological code, it must be "locked in" to be retained. This of course is quite difficult for quantum ideals to do however this is easy when locking procedures are in. These SIMs are so to speak are "locked" into our brains.

It must be understood that this locking is not on the inquiry known to Romantic authors like Lord Bryon, but to one known to physicist of the latter 20th century.


Finally I have reached the end of this line of thinking of course by using special idealised memes which is merely a metaphor for quantum locking. I hope I have made it clear to the reader (which is you of course) my line of thinking.

You may ask what can I do with this information I have learned. Well next time you have went through any line of thinking, see if you can deconstruct that SIMs that make up that line of thinking and see how you can see that SIMs are merely a metaphor of quantum locking.


  1. Not basic animalistic thinking but actually intelligent thinking known only to humans.
  2. The most basic piece of data that cannot be subdivided