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This is an essay on how to infiltrate wikipedia. Clearly, the evolutionary atheist thumpers have already done it. This document outlines a strategy to gain the upper hand.

  • Requires a concerted effort of about 30 individuals over the course of three months.
  • Five of these individuals will be creationists, the other 25 will pose as devote Darwinists.
  • The Darwinists come in first, quoting the Origin of Species as well as other evolutionary religious texts.
  • However, to really gain the trust of the evolution guard, the creationists will start to come in, but posing as devote Darwinists (but intentionally doing a bad job of it).
  • Some in the 25 will "out" the creationists, and earn browny points and barnstars.
  • Eventually, 5 of the 25 will be made administrators.
  • Repeat again until 12 administrators have infiltrated wikipedia.
  • Then, slowly, allow fair and balanced articles to replace the atheist propaganda they now have.
  • Alternately, you could try using verified facts. If no such facts are available, the above underhanded methods may be all you have, and will give you valuable seconds of gratification before your edits get reverted.