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Essay:ID Disproved in 1 Sentence

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Hello, I am RW user "Sanity", and I would like to apply the dental floss of reason to the teeth of the pseudoscientific community by ultimately proving, to anyone who still doubted, that the theory of Intelligent Design is completely false. And, as an added bonus, to show just how completely unfounded and invalid the idea was to begin with, I will do it in just one sentence. Ready... Set... Go!

The theory of Intelligent Design argues that sentient life cannot arise from chance and can only be explained by the existence of an intelligent (and sentient) designer, which would require that the very first sentient being was created by another sentient being.

and... TIME! One sentence!

How was that? Refreshing?

This central flaw is impossible to get around, and it proves just how ridiculous the entire idea of intelligent design is. It's so obvious (to me at least) that I wouldn't be surprised if somebody has already done this same proof.

It’s a wonder that anyone has even TRIED to promote it, because this fallacy in the ID argument is so blatantly obvious that I don’t understand how it’s still alive. Rejoice, all rational thinkers of the world! Intelligent Design, the presiding lord and master of all pseudoscience, which for so long everyone thought could not be disproved, can, and HAS.

Now, I want to be fair. If anyone would like to try to refute this proof, feel free to post it on this essay’s talk page.