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this is for all of you who have never been high and would like to know what the mind is like under the effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannaboid. otherwise know as THC or pot, or the god plant. I encourage others to post their non-sensical THC influenced ramblings here as well.

Well I just wrote that and I gotta say it feel so damn good to say. Basically I am fucking high as he’’ right now. I ate a large pizza and a king sized butterfinger. Haha like bart simpson, I’m like bart simpson. Lolz. I just said lolz hahaha in a letter to myself. It kinda sucks now because I am not able now to now think about all the weird thoughts, but Lauren from work just popped into my head god nows why god she is such a bitch I hate her and sometimes I just wanna beat her with a stick but she is hott and I would’t be averse to taapin dat bitches ass. Haha I just got an image in my head of laurens ass, it was sweet. Ahha that was just my first punctuation n in like for ever god my spelling sux so bad I think I need to finish this sentence now because it have been way to long and I think I am just outing it off god I cant wait to read this tomoorow god its like trying not to blink. Hhaaha I finally did it now if only finding a girlfriend that easy. What do I want in a girl, not one who is dumb, but smart and pretty. You know physically attractive. Plus I want her to be a kind person biut balsy enough to stick up for her self sithout that fake pseudotough girl attitude. Man so pseudo added to anything don’t make a word. Pseudo seems a lot like plado and I just coughed. God I am sick of coughing my abs literaaly hurt so much now I have been coughing so much it really really really really sucks acorn acorn acorn acorn acorn acorn acorn acorn acorn acorn I have written nearly a full page and I iwhs I t was this easy when I started writing a paper I think I will post this on rational wiki so I can show people how a high mind really works ahaha like I just got some vision in my head of a guy on rational wiki thinking how weird it is that I woulkd say that and that guy is me because he is lloking at a computer screen and this will probabley not make anysense when I read it tomorrow but it goes to show it makes sense now and it shows that everything is in fact logical. Remember that because the weird shit your saying makes sense in yoiur head it appears to not make sense so I am in essence proving that even the logical mind is logical its just misread with incomplegte information I probabley have so many speling errors because I can hardly see the keyboard and its all non sensical. I am now writing with my eyes closed to see how close I get to spelling all this wirite I bet itrs toallt wrong hahaha. I just glanced it really is. Well I am tired now so im gonna piost this have a smoke then go to bed. Se la vie which is german for mister. Ahaha I love tbat 70s show. Sex, love and pit all the ways guys. Chau. This will probableu give pot a bad name but its still funny

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