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This was a page I made on Conservapedia. I hope this will stay here.

Conservapedia is nothing more than a group of cowards and liars.

Andy Schlafly you should be ashamed of your self. I have sat and watched you make a fool of your self over and over. The mere fact that you actually consider your self anything but a pathetic loser is laughable. You continue to fail to realize what a joke the rest of the blogosphere considers you and your sight and you neligable legal skills make one wonder how you ever managed to get into princton or Harvard, much less graduate. But I suppose when your the son of a racist sexist old hag anything is possible.

It is fine when you are simply making idiotic complaints about the liberal media or big science, but you cross the line with your hate filled rants. Your continuous homophobia is a cruel and deliberate attempts to harm people who want nothing more than to live their lives in peace and you make slanderous statments with no evidence against the Obamas, Richard Dawkins, Al gore, anyone who doesnt fit in with your pathetically narrow world view.

Your new "satires and parodies concerning athiesm" is a joke. You are simply content with making ad hominum attacks against people and then complain when no one takes this sight seriously. You claim that Richard Dawkin's has no "machismo" but you yourself don't even have the balls to allow people with dissenting views to argue on talk pages or even on debate pages. You have done nothing with your life Andy. You are a sad pathetic loser who has ridden on his mothers coat tails your entire life and have nothing to show for it but a few blogs and newspaper articles making fun of you.

I know this page won't last long. I am sure you don't have the balls to let it last for more than a few minutes on your sight. But let us see Andy. Why don't you for once have the guts to let somthing critizing you stay up on the internet. Just once in your sad pathetic life stand up and be a man. Let someone critiscize you and your site.