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The very best of "Liberal" art[edit]

As an answer to our dearly loved CP people I propose that we here add our favorite peaces of so called "Liberal" propaganda! I think it will be a long list... but hell we love it... at least I do! All open to our free liberal Mobocracy obivously.


  • Atheist Peace - Bad Religion : everything is in the title ( actually could take the whole bibliography)
  • Alec Empire's and Atari Teenage Riots full discographies
  • Slayer : "they" don't like it so pretend we do
  • Marlyn Manson : see Slayer
  • Deicide : because they are Satanists like us
  • Evil (black) metal bands : be careful not to mix up with good evil metal bands e.g. Manowar, pay special attention to Rammstein's evil German (the language of the devil) lyrics
  • NOFX, Green Day, Pennywise, Against me!, and all the others : because they had to be there and I was to lazy to remember all of them...
  • Berrurier Noir : creators of the French underground punk scene
  • Wizo, Dritte Wahl und all die anderen : yey German punk rulez also!
  • Rage against the Machine, Zach, Morello, Nightwatchman and all other side project : no need to present the guys...
  • Anti-Flag : "they" don't like it yet I do!


  • Harry Potter (lets be hype)
  • Michael Moore's stuff : the überevil
  • Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)
  • Pr0n (self explanatory)


  • apparently our bible but we have to put it here I guess : The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins
  • and obviously our other holy book : Charlie Darwin - The Origin of the Species
  • Ian (M) Banks : Scottish and very liberal...
  • J. K. Rowling : Harry Potter again, but as said earlier "lets be hype", and long live opposition to fascism! ([start subliminal msg]read the last one...[end msg] )
  • Good old H P Lovecraft
  • Ulysses : James Joyce The book that started all the trouble, in 1933 activist Federal Judge John M. Woolsey allowed the American children to have this filth available.


  • Guernica : Pablo Picasso. No comment or explanation needed.


  • Anything beginning: http://www (Except 'conswervapædia', 'blogs4brownback' ... Etc ... etc...) the hell with it!
  • Public debates
  • Intelligence
  • Math