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LOGICISM or The Matter, Form and Thought of the Overmind both magical and scientific[edit]

Spock: An anthromorphic personification of Logic. Notice the magic jewelry of Logic on his chest. That is how you know he has Logic Power.

Logicism is a completely secular belief system that is magically true because I said so. My authority to dictate Logicism comes from the sovereign authority granted to me by Logic through the magic force of truth. The force of truth is the power by which I imagine stuff into existence and make it real. No one doubts the truth of truth because it is true simply by the essence of itself through circularity. We hold these truths to be self-evident.

Socrates: one of the Founding Fathers of Logicism, the foundation of science

The Corporate Person of E pluribus mentation: The OVERMIND[edit]

All of humanity must have a central authority from which all truth can be determined. Only the overmind can protect humanity from inconsistency, doubt, and disagreement. Only through the force of truth can delusion be abolished and knowledge be had by mankind. Thus, it is as if every man woman and child by virtue of I think therefore I am, makes an agreement with each other to project mental energy into one magic person as if every one of them were to say to each other, "I consent to agree on rational truth for the betterment of knowledge". It is this projection of thought by force of truth by which consensus reality is determined: a true agreement of one and all, a real unity of them all in the same one person, that is the generation of that great ingenious intelligence: the OVERMIND. It is more than abstract made up bullshit. It is a real unity of all minds in one person. The overmind then imagines into existence three other entities. These are LOGIC REASON and EVIDENCE. Logic being the controller of language appoints one LogicMaster through the force of truth. And he is said to have triple seven power.

Logicism is not a religion[edit]

Logicism is not a religion. It is a secular belief system which forms the basis of all scientific knowledge as currently understood by humanity. It is completely proven by Reason and Evidence: for if there were no overmind to imagine them, how could Reason and Evidence exist? Some weirdos have called Logicism a religion, but they are Heretics. By persecuting Heretics, Logicists prove the truth of Logicism. For if Logic were not a real entity, how could His followers persecute Heretics and enforce His dictates?

Separation of Logicism and fantasy[edit]

Logicism is the fundamental truth of scientific knowledge. It must therefore be kept completely separate from the realm of fantasy and must therefore deal only with objective reality. This is what Copernicus called the non-overlapping magesterium of Logic. Fantasy and Logic are completely separate.

An artist's rendering of the Overmind.

The flag of Logic[edit]

Flag of Logic2.png

Now you can talk to Logic through a flag.
Logic likes it when you salute the flag of Logic and make promises to be loyal. As the LogicMaster under the constitutional jurisdiction granted to me through the jurisdictional powers of the sovereignty of Logic, I have created this flag for the beneficence for all through the force of Logic.LogicMaster777 (talk) 13:27, 20 January 2015 (UTC)

The Gryffindors[edit]

The Gryffindors have Wand and Robe power because they are connected to the sovereign entity Evidence through rituals and oaths

The Gryffindors are a special group of men and women who are especially learned in the scriptures of Logicism. The have taken a special solemn oath to the Overmind to protect the constitution of Logic, and they preside over judgment in the rituals of persecution according to the Dogmas of Reason and their own canonical code of scripture which they alone have the authority to write and interpret: the Commandments of Evidence. The Commandments of Evidence allow one to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that for which there is no evidence. It's just magically true because the Gryffindors said so. When a Gryffindor writes something it becomes a scientific law which is then Logically binding through the power of Wand magic. Only those who wear the magic black robes of Hogwarts can have the jurisdictional authority of a Gryffindor.

The Gamblers[edit]


The gamblers create the Dogmas of Reason by playing cards. They each get dealt a hand and whoever wins gets to pick the new Law for that week from a choice of 7 proposals. There are always 7 gamblers sitting at any time, chosen randomly by shuffling the deck.


Gnomes were created by the Gryffindors in the Landmark decision "Logic Vs Reason". It is now an established scientific reality that gnomes have their own independent existence due to established precedents in the Commandments of Evidence. Although there is no evidence Gnomes exist, they do exist because of precedent.

Gnome Personhood[edit]

It may seem hard to believe now but there was actually a time when it was uncertain whether Gnomes were people. Thanks to the Gryffindor wisdom codified in the Commandments of Evidence, we now know for sure that they are. Gnomes are now treated as persons under the laws of science and can own property, get married, sign contracts and even play golf.

Children Saluting the Flag of Logic[edit]

Bellamy salute 1

Here are some children being socially pressured into doing what is called the Logical Salute. It is when children engage in the secular ritual of talking to the entity named Logic through a flag. It is important to indoctrinate them young.