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Essay:Moon hoax theories united

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As it is with many conspiracy theories, the Moon Hoax theory is full of contradictions. This is the reason why the theory is full of sub theories and is not united into a single theory. To demonstrate that a united Moon Hoax theory would clearly be bullshit I will try to unite all the arguments into one single theory.

Theories united[edit]

The Soviet Union stared the Space Race in 1957. when the first artificial satellite Sputnik was put into Earth orbit. Since the Soviets were clearly ahead of the United States in the Space Race it was a matter of prestige to reach the Moon first.

President Kennedy set a goal to put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade (the decade in question being the 1960's). As time went by the evil NASA decided to fake the Moon Landing. President Kennedy had to be assassinated in order to do this (or maybe not, the YouTube Hoax community is divided on this issue).

Over 400,000 people working on the project have been involved and they all kept quiet because NASA used their vast amounts of money to bribe all the people involved. There were people who considered this to be immoral (if being moral is even possible by a scientist) so they had to be intimidated in order to keep them silent. The entire science community was also fooled by NASA because they faked all the evidence in their hi-tech more advanced than Soviet labs/studios. Not only that they faked the evidence but they also started a propaganda in public schools and adjusted mathematical equations to fit their theory (seriously, some people really believe this last sentence). Worlds top engineers were taught these in schools and colleges and continued to use these obviously fake mathematics/physics to develop products like cars and airplanes which miraculously work even though they were based on stuff that was made up by some random guy at NASA.

The highly advanced Soviets did not have the technology to track NASA spacecraft to the Moon and back but did have the technology to sent robotic missions to the Moon that returned the soil samples which were consistent with the ones returned by the Apollo astronauts. This means that the Soviets were in on it too so they had to be bribed by large grain shipment. The whole point of faking a Moon landing was to fool the Soviets but it seems that they knew about it all along.

The videos and pictures of astronauts on the Moon were taken at Area 51 under supervision of top Hollywood producers/directors/coffe-boys. The job was done professionally so it fooled the entire world, including the scientific community. The mistakes made by NASA are so well hidden that they can be only discovered by high school dropouts and random posters on YouTube.

Some of the examples of how they messed up are:

  • Studio spotlights being clearly visible in many images.
  • There are no stars in any of the Apollo images and we can clearly see stars in Star Trek and Star Wars.
  • Lunar module left no visible blast crater and we all know that all rockets leave huge blast craters in the ground. We know this because every time the Coyote ties himself to a rocket and launches we see huge blast craters and explosions.
  • Radiation would kill astronauts because we know that all types of radiation instantly kills humans.

In addition to that we have reason to believe that the Japanese space agency JAXA, the Indian Space agency and European Space Agency are also in on it because at some point they tried to fool us by fabricating evidence that the astronauts really did go to the Moon. NASA also photoshoped a few images and claimed that they were taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

We'll believe them when they show us the proof that men didn't walk on the Moon. Any evidence to support the other side is obviously fake. Also a friend of friend of a friend of my uncles neighbors second wife's grandfather worked on the Apollo project and admitted it was fake.

Who are these conspiracy believers[edit]

  • Bil Kaysing - a librarian that was working for a company Rocketdyne that was involved with the Apollo program. He also published a book about the hoax and made a lot of money from it.
  • Ralph Rene - self proclaimed scientist. Worshiped by most YouTube hoaxers.
  • Bart Sibrel - an amateur filmmaker. He has been caught fabricating evidence a few times.
  • A lot of idiots on YouTube who have nothing better to do than to spam YouTube videos related to Apollo.

Most of these people are also firm believers of other conspiracy and tend show extreme hatred towards the government.

The good guys[edit]

  • NASA
  • JAXA - Japanese space agency
  • community - people who dedicated an entire website to debunking hoax accusations.
  • Every other sane person.

Why is this conspiracy theory dangerous?[edit]

Because it diminishes one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It also promotes anti-science in order to promote their claims. And also, hoaxers annoy people on YouTube who just want to see some videos of the Apollo.