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Ralph René (24 August 1933–10 December 2008) was a conspiracy theorist and a self-proclaimed expert in physics, notable mostly for claiming that the Apollo missions were faked and for writing a book about it.

His writings are usually accepted as gospel by YouTube conspiracy theorists, notably Jarrah White, who has been described as René's "honorary heir". A central component of Jarrah's April 2014 YouTube video Better Eight Than Never was Ralph's flawed calculations regarding the volume of cooling water required by the Apollo astronauts' life-support systems. Ralph's mathematical errors resulted in a volume of 48 liters of water for an eight-hour EVA which Jarrah illustrated using 24 two-liter bottles of milk. The correct volume of water is approximately five liters.

Other conspiracies/beliefs[edit]

As it is case with many conspiracy believers, René was a supporter of other conspiracy theories.

  • He believed that the September 11 attacks were a result of a conspiracy (but not the one everyone is familiar with) and he wrote a book about that too (money, money, money).
  • According to him Einstein's theory of relativity and Newton's law of universal gravity are invalid/faulty and the number pi is actually 3.146264.


  • The Last Skeptic Of Science, 1988 (originally MENSA Lectures, before Mensa sued him), self-published
  • NASA Mooned America!, 1994, self-published

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