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Capping Medical and Drug Prices[edit]

Pharmaceutical companies cannot overcharge for life saving medications which includes all up to date treatments for diseases.

Hospitals both public and private may not overcharge for services.

Disabled Persons Protection[edit]

The use of dubious and quack medical treatment on physically and mentally disabled persons is completely illegal. Applies to both public and private sectors.

Disabled people have the right to a proper education. For too long public and private schools have gotten away with giving people with special needs substandard education.

All stores must be equipped with bathrooms to accommodate severely handicapped persons which include hoists for wheel chair bound people.

Freedom From Religion and Freedom for Religious Minorities[edit]

Atheists and Agnostics have faced persecution for lack of belief. This is wrong and these people must be given protections against discrimination.

Minority religions such as Paganism, Wicca, Druidism, Hindus, Satanists among others have been discriminated against for not believing in the Judaeo-Christian religions.

Promotion of any religion in public school is absolutely illegal.

Pseudo-scientific stances such as creationism, intelligent design and climate change denial are forbidden in public schools

Recognition of Palestine[edit]

The US government will recognize Palestine as an independent nation and begin formal diplomatic relations with Palestine. Both Israel and Palestine would be recognized as countries with current defined territory.